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One of our main objectives at Watersports Training is to work on projects and new ideas together with a broad range of different experts and professionals. Watersport Coaches, Fitness & Nutrition Experts, professional Yacht Skippers, Yoga Trainers, Photographers and Event Managers work hand in hand to make our trips and events unique. 

And we do a lot more than just realising some holidays dream or lifestyle and Watersports Events for our customers.

Together with our partners we organise company incentives, Team building events, we train Watersports Instructors and Center Managers and make them better, develop lesson and rental programs for Centers, or create customised events for some of our guest.

It all begins with an idea...

All we need to create a working concept for you is an idea. No matter if you already have a very precise picture of what you want or if it is just a crazy idea... In fact the more crazy or let´s call it the more challenging it sounds, the more enthusiastic our team will start working on it. :)

Our creative and operative team works for your success and your success only. The project will carry the name you choose for it and "Watersports Training" will never be  mentioned in the public image.


References and Examples of current events and partners

VDWS INTERNATIONAL - Training courses for staff in watersports, building tools for teaching in kitesurfing, windsurfing and stand up paddling.

AMPLITUDE CAPITAL AG - Planning and performance of Incentives, as well as individual created journeys and events.

LUXFIT HEALTH AMBASSADORS - Planning and performance of Incentives, as well as concept development and performance for LUXFIT MEMBER EVENTS.

ION CLUB HOME OF SURFING ELEMENTS - Destination Management, as well as concept development and performance for ION CLUB EXPERIENCE EVENTS.

HAPIMAG INTERNATIONAL- Training courses for staff in sailing, windsurfing, stand up paddling, fitness and security on the water. Team building events and concept development of teaching tools.

DKV LUXEMBOURG - Planning and performance of sailing trips and outdoor adventure events for DKV LUXEMBOURG MEMBERS. 

JOCHEN SCHWEIZER - Partner for special experience events, like Stand Up Paddling from Europe to Africa and more...

HIP TRIPS - Partner for special experience and outdoor adventure travels.

NORTH KITEBOARDING - Organisation of Kiteboarding Events with Pro Riders and Amateur Kiteboarders together. The Top Pros of Kiteboarding share their experience.

Time to challenge us...

Tell us about your ideas, your dreams, your crazy plans and we will get to work to create an individual and unique experience in accordance to your preferences and wishes. 

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