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July / August / October

Kitesurfing Freeride Camp Tarifa

02.09. - 09.09.2017

Mallorca Sail and SUP Event

02.09. - 05.09.2017

Functional Movement Workshop Mallorca

February 2018

Grenadines / Caribbean - Kiteboarding at it´s best

NEW+++ Functional Training Workshops+++ NEW

Latest News

  1. that´s what we do...

    18 Dec. 2013

    We´re currently working on a new image video for Watersports Training, featuring the Events and Adventures we organise and the sports we teach.

  2. New Teammember - Monty Scholz

    08 Nov. 2013

    "Back when I was 3 years old, I got introduced in Watersports and since then I am completley hooked! Growing up in Tarifa / Spain offered the perfect playgroung for all sorts of watersports and os Sport in general became one of...

  3. Charity Event for Kids in Tarifa

    28 Oct. 2013

    Last week we organised the annual Arche Charity Event in Tarifa. Together with Club Mistral, the Hurricane Hotel, Cooperbikes, La Tribu Playa and a very generous private Sponsor we invited 6 kids of the Arche in Düsseldorf...

  4. Escape Santa 18.12.13

    28 Aug. 2013

    All set for Cape Town! Kitesurfing and Windsurfing at one of the world top Winter Destinations! Great wind and waves are waiting for you just a night flight away from Europe. Book the Event only for one or two weeks and get away...

  5. Mauritius Special!

    24 Jul. 2013

    For all the Kiteboarders joining our Trip to Mauritius this year, we have a special event we thaught you might enjoy. Ninja Bichler, professional wave Kiter and winner of the KSP Event Wave competition on Mauritius will spend...

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