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Kitesurfing Freeride Camp Tarifa

02.09. - 09.09.2017

Mallorca Sail and SUP Event

02.09. - 05.09.2017

Functional Movement Workshop Mallorca

February 2018

Grenadines / Caribbean - Kiteboarding at it´s best

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Latest News

  1. die Arche in Spanien

    08 Sep. 2012

    WATERSPORTS TRAINING, CLUB MISTRAL und das Hotel HURRICANE, planten vier Mädchen aus Frankfurt auf ein Abenteuer nach Spanien/Tarifa einzuladen. Aus über 100 Kindern der Arche Frankfurt, wurden vier ausgewählt, welche...

  2. making dreams come true...

    06 Jul. 2012

    Millions of kids worldwide have to live in poverty. Together with the ARCHE in Germany we want to help and try to make a little difference. But we´ll need your help that...

  3. Prosecco meets Tuition

    30 May. 2012

    Girls surf and learn differently.... Take your time, go your own speed - we choose learning methods that suits you. Enjoy a lay backed day on the beach or spend your time in the water with us. No pressure, no stress, your own...

  4. A glimpse of kiteboarding history- by Jaime Herraiz

    26 May. 2012

    In the beginning there was Lou… You always wonder why things end up the way they do… I guess, one of the good things about being older is that I can add facts to my list of claims, especially to the “been there, done that”...

  5. St.Lucia & the Grenadines - that was it!

    20 Feb. 2012

    While we are writing this travel report, we are sitting on board of a 47 foot Catamaran cruising through the Caribbean Sea towards Bequia, our entry port to the Grenadines.  The past 4 windy days on St.Lucia were packed...

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