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24 Jul. 2013

For all the Kiteboarders joining our Trip to Mauritius this year, we have a special event we thaught you might enjoy. Ninja Bichler, professional wave Kiter and winner of the KSP Event Wave competition on Mauritius will spend some time with us. Not only on the beach answering all the questions you might have, but also in the water, taking us out into the waves and sharing some professional waveriding tips and tricks with us. For all of you who haven´t read about Ninja in one of the many kitemagazines all around the world covering her story, here is a little interview she gave for the KITEWORLD MAGAZINE.

Tell us a little bit about you and how you start in kitesurfing?

I was born in Germany and spent my childhood half there and half in Corsica by the Sea. I feel specially connected to the Ocean since I was started to learn how to swim at age of 3. I also feel connection to the mountains and love skiing which same I learned at age of 3. My whole family is sport enthusiastic and love nature. My parents have shown my brother and me always the value of Natures beauty and how important it was to do sport (for body and mind).

Together as a family we have travelled a lot around the world. Which I still remember very well.My first kiting I tried in tarifa in 99 but I figured it was to dangerous so I would prefer to stay windsurfing. I then really started while I was travelling along the cost of brazil in 2004. That’s also when I started to do surf. Only in 2008  after I have been moving to Mauritius, I found out that the best was to combine the two together and go kiting on a surf board.

Now I do only ride waves. With or without wind. I love it.


What is your opinion about KSP?, how is the organization and which are the differences between this contest and the PKRA?

As I have never competed in the Pkra its hard to say. I know that there is a lot of effort put in it to make it  a pure Wave riding tour that is not run parallel with a freestyle tour. I hope it will stay the same cause I believe it is good to give the Wave riding its own focus too. There is not really enough sponsors yet to make the KSP what it should be but hopefully it can built up a good image in the next years.

Do you like the rules and judges of KSP (suppose to be more expert in waves)??  

I do not understand much about Judging but I think its good if we have as many expert wave riders that are judging as possible., it would just make the judging more of a quality and fair. I hope it will be pushed more to that in the next year.

How was the competition in Mauritius, Have you felt comfortable with the conditions of waves and wind?

As I live here and I am more than comfortable. After riding in other spots in smaller waves I felt I should train more in normal conditions! Here its most of the time over head or more!

How is the level of girls participants and the ambience of the KSP from inside? Do you think that the winner of KSP is really recognised as Waves World Champion?

The atmosphere is very good I did not feel too much tensions, of course if there are waves and wind it  is pretty good ambiance. So if there is not more tensions are there.  Maybe for the girls it was a better result as they got almost finished in Ireland, as for the men result looked a bit weird with 12 first places.


Do you think there are enough sponsors support to the events or the world economical crisis is also affecting?

Well as I mentioned there is not and maybe crisis is the issue.  Or the attention on wave kiting is not grown so big yet.


Last year there were 3 contests, this year there are 4 contests, What will  determines the number of events programmed? Calendar, sponsors…?

I do not really know about this, I guess its better to have 4 cause you can choose a better variety of spots. And have better chance for a result if there is no wind or waves. Like it was the case this year in more than 1 spot!


Do you think, 4 contest are enough to find the world champion or perhaps it will be necessary to have some more?

Financially maybe it will be hard. Especially for the riders. Not everybody gets payed everything to go and join the contest. Many are working like me . if you do just kiteboarding and are sponsored fully maybe it would be better. But to make it accessible also to someone like me it would be best to have 4 events.


Is there any spot you will find interesting for the KSP to visit?



Just for finishing, how you see the future of this sport?

I think it is growing especially I see many more girls coming into the sport. Already in 1 and a half years I can see a difference.


Do you want to add or grateful to something or someone?

First I am grateful to my parents for showing me the right direction and being at my side and loving me all this time. To my Husband and friends also for there love and friendship , to my Team  from Club Mistral and to my sponsors North and Ion to support me and to believe in me!  Thanks to all of you!


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