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Wir hoffen, dir hat die Zeit mit uns gefallen! Wir würden uns riesig freuen wenn du deine Erfahrungen was unsere Reisen, Trainings und Events angeht mit den Anderen teilst. 

Vielen Dank dass Du dabei warst und hoffentlich bis bald!

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  1. Miles am 10.07.2017
    We spent a few weeks at the Laguna Beach apartments in Tarifa in June/ July 2017 and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. The apartments are ideally located just outside of Tarifa town, but remain within walking distance. This proved to be a great location for getting in to town, but also gave us the space we needed for all our kite gear and parking. The accommodation is clean, and quiet and Chris (plus his staff) is always on hand to help out. Highly recommend staying here, we will be back in the near future.
    Cheers, Miles
  2. Jochen am 09.05.2017
    Hallo Chris!

    Die Überfahrt nach Ibiza hat mich so richtig wieder geweckt. Die alten Scheine sind umgeschrieben, nach dem LRC hab ich vorgestern meinen SKS fertig gemacht. In der Bretagne war ich vorher auch noch unterwegs. Ich wollte mich einfach noch mal bedanken.

    Guten Wind & Gute Fahrt! Herzlichst, Jochen.
  3. <a href="http://megaboxsack.com/">Misa</a> am 23.02.2017
    Geile Events!
  4. Petra & Peter am 14.11.2016
    Mauritius 2016 - Toller event!
    Wir hatten Wassersport-Training vom Feinsten, persönliches Coaching, sehr flexibles Timing aller Aktivitäten!
    Auch viele kleine roadtrips auf Mauritius waren zusätzlich dabei, wir haben wirklich "was gesehen".
    Jana & Chris sind sympathische und professionelle Begleiter!
    Wir waren sicher nicht das letzte Mal dabei!
  5. Pascal Groß am 12.11.2016
    Klasse Seite mit tollen Reisen und Events!
    Auch die Gallerie und die Videos dieser Website gefallen mir durchaus :D
    Macht auf jeden Fall weiter so.
    Beste Grüße,
  6. Patricia Jehle am 08.11.2016
    After 2 weeks being back from the the Event of Mauritius I realize what great time this has been. From the first minute everything was just perfect organized. From beginning of sunrise you have the chance to join any sportive actions if you like. For me as windsurfer and beginner for kiting I had aims to achieve and achieved them within 10 days. This was thanks to the great teacher Jana and Chris and the perfect Location. I have seen some spots during my more than 15 years Windsurfing activity. This is definitively one of the best spots I have ever been. But not only sport and wind was it what did make this trip so special and not comparable for me with others. It is the perfect and somehow crazy mixture of all. We had fun, beautiful places to have our sundowners, adventure tours and just doing things you wouldn't do alone. For me this was definitively not the last time I jointed Chris and Jana on a trip... Thanks for all it was just great time and I am happy to get you to know...
  7. Motoko Sato from EXPLORERS CLUB in Japan am 12.07.2016
    We found Chris when we were looking for someone to backup us when we cross the strait of Gibraltar by dinghy yachts. He has done everything perfectly we asked for. It was more than perfect. So it was easy to rely on him even though we couldn’t meet him in person until the day of challenge. And all support crew members are relaxed and professional. We didn’t just succeeded our challenge but also had a big fun. Definitely we would ask them to be in our team again. We really look forward to doing something crazier together soon.
  8. Alex am 08.06.2016
    Wonderful 10 days with Chris and Janna in Bodrum! Really enjoyed the training and we learned alooot!
  9. Zouvas Christos am 06.06.2016
    Nice training nice company 10 days in Bodrum with you was a great experience.
    Any way I didn’t expect anything less from you, Chris and Jana. Thanks
  10. Frank am 06.06.2016
    It was another week of intense but joyful week of training for both, body and brains.
    While Jana will always push us to our limits when it comes to exercices, Chris will always show us where we still can improve and sometimes change point of view to see the big picture.

    Thanks Jana and Chris for all your efforts and training and showing us that there is still a lot ahead of us and we're looking forward to go there with your support.

    Thx Guys!! :-)
  11. Christos Zouvas am 05.06.2016
    Nice training nice company 10 days in Bodrum with you was a great experience.
    Anyway I didn’t expect anything less from you, Chris and Jana. Thanks
  12. metin am 02.06.2016
    great traning by chris&jana
  13. lyndz am 31.05.2016
    WE SUP'd the STRAIT - thanks to Chris and his team at Watersports Training.What a buzz, can't recommend this event enough. A true once in a lifetime experience, how lucky were we with every condition working with us :) Chris was a wholly competent skipper in escorting us across the Strait in only 4 hours!
    We will never forget this experience and were truly blessed to have a family of dolphins join us on our voyage back to Gib.

    Anyone thinking about doing it, don't think about it - just do it!
    River Sup Club (UK)
  14. Giorgos Kefalas am 30.05.2016
    Dear Chris ,Dear Jana after every training with you we are going to another level.Thank you.
  15. Yusuf am 30.05.2016
    It was great week for second week of training, after many years in this job learning new things , methods and helping for planning about next lessons, thank you for all this things Jana and Chris
  16. M.Fatih SARI am 30.05.2016
    It was the third Trainning with Chris and Jana..In my age even, I have got tooooooooo many good things about Watersport and Life...!!Thank you...!!!
  17. Alexandra am 30.05.2016
    The past ten days in bodrum, had a taste of enthusiasm and I think that we were having all of us a lot of good surprises! I enjoyed every time with all the team and of course with you Chris and Janna... Thank you for everything... I'm looking forward for our next meeting!
  18. Matteo am 30.05.2016
    The trainer was very good and very detailed i learn a lot about the lessons in and i'm really happy to receive tips about this work because i will be better every day! Another thing i understand the good istructor is a mix of a lot of things ( knoledge,fitness,personality) but to be the best istructor you must have a good team that go forward with you!
    Thanks to Chris and Yanna for the great experience!
  19. Philip am 30.05.2016
    Nice job guys! Keep going like this ;)
  20. Eric Vanden Berg am 30.05.2016
    As always, it has been a pleasure having you guys here. Hard but honest comments, great help in moving forward for any aspect of personal skills, building a Business, improving teaching methods and keeping yourself motivated even if the going gets tough. Looking forward having you back with us in November. Until then...enjoy life as it comes and make the max out of it. Hang Loose!!! Eric
  21. François DUBRULLE am 10.05.2016
    And another successful trip with “watersports training”. The forth. We have had a grateful sailing trip to Grenadines Islands. The ambience was very nice and everything went perfectly. The boat and material was good and Chris, our skipper is very competent on a boat. He knows well the area and we always have been very secure, doing kite, sailing, snorkeling, … I sincerely recomand his organization and will return. Thank you.
  22. GUE am 18.04.2016
    Was für unglaubliche 2 Wochen !
    Maui ist der Traum fast jeden Windsurfers - mein Traum seit ich 1989 mit dem Windsurf Virus infiziert wurde.
    Jetzt weiß ich, warum jeder Wassersportler (inzwischen bin ich Kiter) diese naturstrotzende Insel und die unglaublich entspannten einheimischen und zugereisten Insulaner mindestens einmal erlebt haben muss.
    Wir konnten Jaws in Aktion erleben > über 10m hohe Wellen - ohne Wind, einfach Swell; In Hookipa fanden die Aloha Classics statt mit über 6 m hohen sehr sauberen Wellen. Viele Pro´s waren da: immer noch mein Hero Robby Naish; Brian Talma, Phillip Köster, Copello, Guadigno, Levi Siver, die Moreno Sisters,..... In Action zwischen den Wahnsinns Wellen.
    Video auf Großleinwand ist schon geil - aber live, 3D direkt dabei - unglaublich !
    Super gelegenes B&B mit Meerblick, tolle Zimmer, Frühstück auf dem Balkon mit frischen tropischen Früchten.
    Kiten und Windsurfen in Kanaha erst ab 11:00 - dann geht´s aber auch erst mit dem Wind los. Mal Flachwasser, mal Kabbelwasser, am Riff mit Welle. Am letzten Tag der absolute Hammer für einen 7er Kite in Lower Kanaha. Saubere 3m Wellen, ca 300m lang und ca 300m glattes Wasser zwischen den Wellen - ewig zum Abreiten, ich habe noch nie so saubere Wellen live erlebt.
    Sehr gutes Material und sicheres Kiten / Windsurfen. Chris und Giel haben immer Alle im Blick gehabt.
    Gut, dass es auch Tage ohne Wind gab! Auf die anderen Aktivitäten und Touren hätte ich auf keinen Fall verzichten mögen.
    StandUp paddeln bei Lahaina, Wandern und Baden im IAO Valley, Schnorcheln mit Riesenschildkröten - die haben keine Angst und kommen nah heran, Sonnenaufgang auf dem 3000m Krater des Haleakala - astrein ! dann Downhill mit dem Fahrrad runter (Strasse), Hana Tour mit etlichen Wasserfällen - abenteuerlich, Halloween mit Livemusik, Materialworkshop in der alten Dosenfabrik in Haiku mit den Jungs von Quatro, dem Shaper Marc Nelson....., BBQ mit Kristin Boese und Sky Solbach, ...und und und !
    Was ist das besondere am Watersports Training Team ?
    Ich habe noch nie soviel innerhalb von 2 Wochen erlebt. Es gab keinen Tag, an dem ich nicht aus meiner Komfortzone gekommen bin. Das Tolle an der Sache ist: Es wird sehr viel an Aktivitäten angeboten, Keiner wird gezwungen daran teilzunehmen. Chris und Giel waren da sehr flexibel und bei Bedarf immer zu einer kurzfristigen Änderung bereit.
    Das haben wir bisher bei keinem anderen Anbieter erlebt.
    Also, egal ob Ihr als Windsurfer, Kiter, Surfer, StandUp Paddler oder auch als Partner mitkommen wollt, es wartet ein Abenteuer auf Euch.

  23. Candace Shadley am 19.02.2016
    Waking up on a sailboat in the tropics, and knowing that all that's on the day's agenda is kiting in beautiful warm turquoise water, with barely anyone else around, was paradise.
  24. Christoph Decker am 19.02.2016
    I can definitely recommend the Mauritius event!
    I had been kitesurfing for approximately 1 year when I took my trip to Mauritius. I got the recommendation by a friend and I am going to give it further now. No matter if you are taking your first steps or trying to push things further after being stuck for a few years I think this is a relaxed way to do it.
    What I liked a lot about the trip besides the watersports activities was the possibility of getting to know the island and its people. Chris philosophy of accepting bad wind conditions but nevertheless making the best of the day is really something more surfers should do. Still it was nice we had good conditions and did not have to think about that too much. It was an interesting mixture of personalities within the group which made camp fires and dinners exciting and of course we had many good laughs.
    And for those who think they are not the group traveller kind of type: that´s what I thought, too.

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