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A Caribbean Adventure...

08 Dec. 2011

St.Lucia - one of the most beautiful caribbean islands with it´s vast rainforests, waterfalls, hidden jungle trails all surrounded by the crystal clear and warm water of the Caribbean, will be our first destination.


From there, we set sail towards the Grenadines. Live on the boat, surf, fish, sail eat and sleap - while exploring the true beauty of the Caribbean.

The first 4 days we are going to spend on St.Lucia, explore the island and kite and windsurf the spots St.Lucia has to offer. In the afternoon of day 4 we will go on board on a big 47 foot Catamaran on which we will spend 10 days sailing and searching for the perfect Kite and Windsurf Spot.

If yachting is a whole new experience to you, here is an example of a typical day….

Breakfast on board – morning swim/SUP/beach – relax on the deck.

Morning kite and windsurf session.

Choose our destination, lift the anchor and set the sails – fishing lines out!

A new island! upon arrival we set the table for lunch.

Visit the new spot, kiters and windsurfers in the water non Surfers visit the island.

Maybe a quick snack or coffee on the boat?

Pack up the gear and back to the boat for a hot shower.

Relax on the boat for the evening and watch the days kite video or maybe head off to shore for a few drinks and local cuisine.


For more information about the trip, see the full event description here or send us an email.


A Caribbean Adventure

02.02. - 17.02.2012

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