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Beachworkout with Naish Pro Chuck Patterson

05 Apr. 2013

Functional Training has defiantly arrived in water sports. The time that watersport athletes do a bit of running, swimming and carrying rocks around next to their core watersport seems gone. Nowadays it’s a smart overthought workout which can be done wherever the athlete is on his way to find wind and waves or where his competition takes place. For regular hobby surfers also the local wood or living room will offer a great variety of exercises in order to be in the perfect shape when it comes to stay in the water for a couple of hours.

Next to the general fitness and ability to stay out as long as the conditions are good, preventing injuries is a huge reason for doing regular workouts. your ligaments with training all the small muscle groups around them will help you to feel safer on the water and to assimilate bad landings. A simple slipping out of the foot strap can cause serious injuries with kiting and windsurfing…if your muscles are prepared and trained right for that a lot of the ligament ruptures we have seen in the last years especially in kiting can be avoided! Usually athletes and also “free time athletes” know their body well enough to be aware of their weak points, finding the exercise for that and combine it with the workout will give you way more time on the water and less at the physiotherapist.

The workout we were able to experience with Chuck on Baby Beach Maui,Hawaii is also used to train the Naish Pro Kids next to their daily practice on the water. It’s basically divided into two parts. The first half is taking care of a warm up, stretching, linear and lateral speed development, jumping, core strength and endurance. The second half is dedicated to functional strength training set up in a circle. Upper body, lower body and core will be challenged as often as you can…

For the watersport business we would hope that centres all over world start to offer a functional training program or at least an introduction for their staff and clients in order to reduce injuries and extend the time on the water. In the end we all like to move outside in the nature and it sure helps be more successful on the water. Of course not everybody can have such an inspiring trainer and exceptional sportsman as we had with Chuck…but anyway…get started!


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