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Charity Event for Kids in Tarifa

28 Oct. 2013

Last week we organised the annual Arche Charity Event in Tarifa. Together with Club Mistral, the Hurricane Hotel, Cooperbikes, La Tribu Playa and a very generous private Sponsor we invited 6 kids of the Arche in Düsseldorf to spend some time with us in the Tarifa.

The "Arche" is an charity organisation fighting child poverty in Germany.  For most of the six kids it´s been the first time they flew in a plane and the first time they saw the ocean. The annual summer holiday, the hotel on the beach, a windsurf course - things which are more than normal for some of us, meant an absolute highlight for the 6 children of the Arche in Düsseldorf.

We would like to use the opportunity, to say thank you, to all of you who made this event possible and maybe helped making some dreams come true for those kids. Without you it wouldn´t have been possible.

Thanks a lot!

Club Mistral

the Hurricane Hotel


La Tribu Playa


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