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Club Mistral SUP Event Mauritius

20 Apr. 2014

Together with Club Mistrals brand-new SUP Division we organise an absolute outstanding Event on Mauritius for all Stand Up Paddlers or everybody who wants to learn. 7 Days packed with all forms of Paddleboarding, SUP Fitness, Yoga, Excursions and of course riding the famous waves of Mauritius

During all our events, we run an intense activity and tuition program starting every day from sunrise to sunset. As our guest, you´re absolutely free to join any lesson offered or give the once you´re not interested in a pass. 

We start every day with an early SUP Fitness, Yoga or Beach workout session to warm up and get ready for the day. After a good breakfast together, we meet on the beach again and decide what we´re going to do that day. Even though our program on Mauritius is flexible in order to meet with each of your wishes and expectations there are a few things we believe everybody should experience.

Full moon night paddle to an uninhabited island with BBQ on the beach

Black River National Park Jungle Hike with swimming under waterfalls

Riding the famous waves of Mauritius on your SUP Board

Early morning climb of the "Thumb", rewarded with maybe the most breathtaking view over Mauritius

Besides those, there are of course hundreds of more possibilities, which we offer and organise according to your expectations. Mauritius is an absolute paradise for all Stand up paddlers and might just as well be the trip of your lifetime!


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