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Frozen Watersports Adventures

13 Aug. 2017

We are adding a completely new concept into Watersports training. Frozen Watersports Adventures will make you improve from zero to hero in no time! The days will be filled with skiing beautiful fresh snow, video analyses and celebrating fast progress with your new fellow students. From now on you control your skis, not the other way around!

We provide a week of ski training where you can improve your skill level. The lessons will be provided by experienced ski instructors with a Landes  education. This is a unique possibility to improve your skiing in combination with professional teaching, video analyses and theoretical classes. The main goal is achieving control over your skis without any doubt or you feeling uncomfortable. After all this is supposed to be a fun sport!

What makes it special?

To make it as exclusive and effective as possible, there won’t be more than 5 students per teacher. Lessons will start at 9:00 on top of the mountain and except of a 1 hour lunchbreak we are able to ski until 16:00. After a refreshment the theoretical lessons and video analyses will start. In the evening there will be plenty of time for dinner, relaxation and laughter. Lessons can be taught in English, German and Dutch.

So if YOU are ready to be a 100% in control of your ski's in whatever circumstance, this is going to be the clinic you don't want to miss.


We will stay in a private villa located in Bramberg which is only 30 minutes from the glacier in Kaprun. Pictures and video's say more than a thousand words. So for more info click this link:

The event will start the 4th of November and will finish the 11th of November


- Lift pass
- Accommodation
- Breakfast
- Up to 6 hours of lessons per day
- Video analysis's
- Theory classes


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