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Let´s go again...

30 Jul. 2016

It´s hard to write something new about destinations like Mauritius, Maui or the Caribbean. As a Kiteboarder or Windsurfer, chances are high that you have a very clear picture on what to expect on those spots. Wind statistics as well as pictures, videos and webcams covering almost every corner of those spots are available.

We believe what makes our trips special, are the people traveling with us to those places. The enthusiasm, fun, excitement and positive energy is unique and we love being on the road with you.

Mauritius - 15.10. - 29.10.2016
Kite / Windsurf / SUP

Without a doubt one of the best and most beautiful spots in the world. Flat water for beginners and Freeriders, small waves for the first real wave ride, as well as big waves on the outer reefs - the spots around Le Morne on Mauritius offer everything you could wish for.

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Maui - 24.11. - 08.12.2016
Kite / Windsurf / SUP

A trip to Maui is more than just another Windsurf or Kiteboarding holiday and more than a simple clinic to improve your riding skills. Maui is a journey, an adventure, it is the ultimate... to see, touch and experience a part of Surfing history. Something you should do at least once in your life...

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Grenadines - 11.02. - 18.02.2016
Kite / Sail

If living aboard a sailing catamaran packed with kiteboarding equipment and cruising through the Caribbean on the search for the best possible Kite spots sounds good to you, this is your trip:) We set sail from St.Lucia and start cruising south ready to stop and kite, whenever we find a spot we like.

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