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making dreams come true...

06 Jul. 2012

Millions of kids worldwide have to live in poverty. Together with the ARCHE in Germany we want to help and try to make a little difference. But we´ll need your help that...

Millions of kids worldwide have to live in poverty. Child poverty is not only in third world countries but as well present in Europe. The "ARCHE" is fighting against child poverty and is trying to create opportunities. Free meals, help at school and education as well as preventive child and teenager support.

We, as the ones lucky enough to live on the beach, earning money with windsurfing, kitesurfing or Stand up paddling, might not be able to do much about child poverty in general.

But still we would like to try to do something, to make a difference.

We travel to Hawaii, surf on Mauritius, or sail packed with the latest Kiteboarding and Windsurfing gear through the Caribbean. Always on the search for the perfect trip, the perfect day or the fulfilment of our dreams.

Especially in difficult or hard times, having dreams and believing in them, is one of the most important things. And this is something we can help with... That´s why we, together with the "ARCHE" in Germany organise a watersports event for children who normally could only dream of a trip like that.

Together we fly to the south of Spain and spend one week in Tarifa, the Wind- and Kiteboarding Mekka of Europe. For most of the kids it will be the first time flying in a plane, the first time they see the beach and the ocean and the first time they try wind,- or kitesurfing. Maybe the first time a dream comes actually true.

We hope to not only fulfil some dreams with this Trip, but also and maybe more importantly convince the kids that it´s worth having those dreams in the first place and believing in them.

We hope that this event is only the beginning. Even though organising a trip like this  seems like such an easy thing to do, it wouldn´t be possible for us without the support of our partners.

The total costs for inviting 6 people for one week, including all the flights, transfers, accommodation, food and all the courses for windsurfing and Kiting are approximately 8000€.

The most important thing for every Sponsor is attention. The more of you who like what we´re doing here, the easier for us to organise more of these events in the future.

Today the easiest way to say that you like something is hitting the facebook "like" button. That´s why we will post this Event on our Facebook page as well as on the pages of our partners.

Together with our Sponsors we agreed on putting 1€ for every "like" click into the Event budget. 

So it´s on you to help us making dreams come true... for this trip and for hopefully a lot more to follow. 





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