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Sailing and SUP Adventure Ibiza

06 Nov. 2016

We´re anchored in a protected little bay at the southern coast of Ibiza. It´s still dark outside and totally calm. The many unfamiliar noises on board a ship makes falling asleep in the first night often difficult. So the 6 new guest we picked up at Ibiza Airport last evening are still fast asleep in their cabins.

Quietly our crew starts preparing the usual early morning Yoga session, by setting up   Fanatics inflatable Yoga Platform. The Platform is a great invention! It holds the SUP Yoga Boards in place during the session, so the participants can fully focus on the exercises, not having to bother with paddling or drifting off.

During our week on Ibiza and Formentera, every morning will begin with one of those early morning workout or Yoga sessions. A sunrise at sea is always something special, watching the sun slowly clearing the horizon while paddling on a SUP Board is only intensifying this experience. Of course we know, that getting up before sunrise in your holidays is not everyone’s favorite thing to do.  Participating in each of the offered activities during the week is entirely voluntary.  Our program is aimed for having fun in a group of likeminded people not about group pressure…

While our guest are enjoying their Yoga session lead by Kirsty our specialized Yoga Instructor, the remaining team is preparing the breakfast on deck. After some coffee, fresh fruits, Eggs and a lot of Nutella, we set off to our next destination for the day.  Our goal is to show our guest, as many of the beautiful places and anchorages the Balearic Islands have to offer, while not hitting the touristic hot spots.

Our journey is not like a cruise on a luxury cruise ship and  a sailing yacht not a floating hotel. No white tablecloth, no captain’s dinners and insane luxury. Living aboard a sailing Yacht is often a little uncomfortable, always too little space and the most normal things of our daily life turn into a challenge.

Despite that, it´s hard to beat the fascination of being at sea on a small boat.. Maybe because living at sea is only more complicated as long as we try to live the same way as we do at home. The distance to shore often helps to offer a new perspective to the little problems of our daily life and to question some of those daily routines.

The main reason though is that the real special moments and breathtaking experiences in life are not easy to get.  We can´t just purchase a ticket and lean back in our sun chairs waiting for them to happen. We have to earn them.  We have to be willing to give up on some comfort, to step out of our way and maybe to overcome some fear.

We promise, what you get for it is more than any guest on a cruise ship will ever get.  Your experiences will be real, not  artificially designed by an incoming agency. Moments in which you are not a spectator, but the main actor in your own adventure. 


Kirsty Jones:

The combination of sailing, paddle boarding, yoga, and exploring the beautiful Balearic Islands was such an amazing, unique and blissful experience, with an awesome team!

Sailing and living aboard the yacht gave us the freedom to choose a new scene each day, exploring and experiencing the very best of the Balearic Islands. 

Thanks to the great team on board, the beautiful boat, and the incredible selection of Fanatic boards and toys, our days were filled with the perfect balance of action, fitness, exploring, sailing, fun, and total relaxation, fresh air, and clear blue water!

What I loved was the diversity of the places we sailed to and visited. From remote, scenic bays with incredible turquoise waters,  perfect for our SUP Yoga sessions, to bustling harbours full of the most luxury super yachts 

i´ve ever seen, then historical old towns with shops, nightlife, cafes and restaurants. 

Our mornings began with sunrise Yoga on the water, floating, balancing and breathing on the Fanatic Flyairfit boards, gathered around the inflatable island, followed by an amazing breakfast, spread over the sup boards, 

on the deck of the boat! 

We usually did a team paddle after breakfast, exploring the coast and beautiful bays, stopping off to jump off rocks, or paddling into explore cool caves! During the afternoons and evenings we did a sup training and fitness session, played SUP polo which involved a lot of fun falling, and laughing so much that the stomach muscles ached, or just sailed into the sunset to discover another location, and anchor for the night.  

The whole experience gave us a special, magical connection to the ocean and elements, tuned our body, freed our mind, and helped us to realise our passions and paths, while bonding, sharing and contributing as a team of sailors and salty ocean lovers!


María Andrés:

It has been my first ever boart trip, and also my first time to Ibiza, so everything was new to me. I could imagine how things would be living on a boat,  but I didn‘t really experienced it before...Before getting on board I was already wondering things like: how big are the cabins? Will the boat move a lot? Do we get wet while sailing? I guess the image of sailing I had on my mind was one of those racing boats with all the racers siting on the rail getting wet! Hahaha! So, as soon as I got on board, I was happy to understand that this was not the plan!

The boat wasn‘t as small as I though, even though, once inside you realize that you have to be super organized to make posible the living with others. The experience of getting on board with some people I didn‘t know went really well. Sharing so many things –space, food, SUP, yoga, visiting, playing guitar...- you get to know them really fast and it was amazing to see how we all connected so well!

Routine on board was like a dream; wake up on a new cove, see the sunrise from the infatable SUP during a yoga session on crystalline waters, have an amazing breakfast admiring the new location, exploring the coast from our SUPs, playing guitar while slowly sailing to a different place, to then jump on the dinghy and go to land and visit around the beautiful old town and walk betwen little craft shops and terraces with poeple eating tipical dishes.

Even though I am spanish and Ibiza is a cheap and easy option for me, I never visited it before becase I dont like the crouds and party destinations... But this was a completly different aproach to a incredibly beatiful island. The boat trip was the perfect way to discover all the secret coves, bays, long white sand beaches, enjoy the stars and silence at nights and swim and SUP at the most beautiful waters. It was a great experience and days after leaving that boat, my mind was still full of images from this trip! Can’t wait to repeat!


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