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Stand Up Paddling to Morocco

06 Jul. 2014

Try to picture a perfect day stand up paddling. How would it look like? 

We believe the day we spend with 6 of our guest paddling from Spain crossing the Strait of Gibraltar over to Morocco came very close to "perfect" We left the Marina in Sotogrande in the morning, heading in perfect calm seas out towards Gibraltar and the starting point of the crossing. 

Clear sky, 30 degrees of air, 22 degree water temperature and absolutely no wind. A lite current first from the side, later slightly from the back, pushing the paddlers gently towards the moroccan coast line. 

Now, how about adding some dolphins? And by dolphins we´re not talking 1 or 2 somewhere far in the distance, no, we talk lots of dolphins right next to the Yacht, under your Stand Up Paddle Board and together with you in the water, close enough to even touch them if you would only be fast enough. 

And even though, being together in the water with Dolphins for many of us is a really special experience, after a while even this sensation wears off a little. So just at the very moment, somebody raised the question about where the whales are, the Strait o Gibraltar is famous for, 100 meters next to the boat they appeared and followed us for almost an hour into the sunset. 

If we would not  have picture proof we wouldn´t  expect any of you to believe the story. This time we were just extremely lucky and everything we could have wished for to make that trip special was there.

Great people, great atmosphere, perfect weather, dolphins, whales, two oceans and two continents  - all in one day!

Check out the pictures here...


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