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Staying focused and motivated...

18 Aug. 2017

The greatest challenge in the daily work life of a personal trainer is for sure not to build an individual workout plan to allow clients to achieve their goals, but rather to keep everybody motivated to perform those exercises regularly over an extended amount of time.

Lack of will power, too much work, too little time, stress or laziness are the most commonly used excuses, or lets call them “explanations”, why the personal goals defined earlier, are not being achieved. If you take a closer look, you will realize that all those explanations are based on one simple fact. Our modern day-to-day life became incredibly safe! We can rest assure that in case of an emergency, the only thing we have to do is punch a 3 digit number in our mobile phones and a well trained professional will rush in to rescue and help us.  Ever greater parts of our daily tasks and even our hobbies are outsourced to professionals. Need an example? Count the amount of people who rather sit on a couch watching a football match on the TV, than running and kicking a ball by themselves…

Anyway, the ever-increasing professionalism of our modern society is without a doubt an amazing achievement of which we´re all greatly benefitting from. The only real downside of this development is that we´re also able to outsource the responsibility for ourselves as well as for the people around us.

For thousand of years, the physical fitness of men, women, kids and elderly people alike was no luxury but rather a necessity to survive. Running in order to give chase or flee, climbing, jumping, crawling, swimming, throwing, fighting, carrying somebody or something were natural and important skills for each and everyone.  In some cultures even today, being an adult is not related to a certain age, but rather to your skills of rescuing somebody. They believe in the old saying that you only count as a person, once you prove you can be counted on. One might believe, those tests of physical capability were reserved only to men., but quite the opposite was the case.  “The stronger the weakest, the stronger the whole”, is a truth valid for every team and every society until today.

So why did we turn our backs to the physical fitness as one of the backbones of a healthy and functioning society? Fitness today seems to be a lot more related to looks and appearance than to actual performance. We´re the only living creatures which are fasting in order to loose weight or sit on a padded bench and lift a metal bar over and over to our nose to make a certain muscle grow larger than normal. Over decades bodybuilding became a synonym for physical fitness. Hollywood stars like Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger paved the way to make huge muscles the goal for almost every workout.

If you compare well known action figures from the past and today you´ll see an impressive change in appearance as well.

Take Luke Skywalker from Starwars. He and his fellow Rebels were astonishing normal looking guys with outstanding motor skills.  No huge muscles and no running around half naked to show them are to be found in any of the old Star Wars movies… If you compare Batman Action figures from the 80s to the ones sold today, you´ll see that Batmans Arms almost doubled in size…

The true winners of this trend are the owners of Gyms and Fitness Clubs.  Traditional athletic training required a lot of space, while Training on Machines reduces the required space per person to an absolute minimum.  In addition to that, machines are so restrictive, making false movements almost impossible. Therefore the amount of Trainers needed is also reduced to a minimum, making Gyms even more profitable. If you compare the square meters of some gyms to the amount of members they have, it´s obvious that something can´t be right… The business model of some Fitness Discounters is based on the assumption that a great part of their members never show up. Every January Gym membership sales are sky rocking. Still Gym owners don´t have to worry about too little space… Statistics show that an average of 65% of all Gym members, drop out within the first three months!

Keeping those figures in mind, let´s take a look back to our original problem as personal trainers – the motivation of our clients. Now, to simply blame the guest of being lazy and not motivated enough would be a little bit like blaming people to not go to a certain restaurant because they don´t like the food…  Our job as trainers is to keep our workouts challenging, interesting and fun and ensure that our clients have little victories along the way to remain motivated.

To repeat the same movement over and over again, hoping to one day achieve a certain goal – a goal which will require the same amount of work to maintain it – takes an incredible amount of discipline and motivation. Usually not exactly the type of leisure time activity people would choose in order to have a good time.


What´s the solution?

A first step is like always to recognize the real problem. Let´s top using our safe environment and wish for comfort as an excuse to loose natural human movement skills. More likely our goal should be to use the good things and benefits of each decade, combine them, improve them and avoid the Extreme.

Motivation will always be a difficult thing once we´re asked to do something we don´t enjoy or we don´t see the real benefit in.

In our modern day-to-day life, in which we spent a majority amount of time seated, mobility and strength don´t seem to be very important skills to have or develop. Only once we start to have problems caused by lack of motion, we begin looking into different activities and workouts. Since preventing is always better than fixing, let´s take a brief look back in time and check out natural functional training routines.  Functional Training is based on the tasks, problems and challenges we have to face in our daily life. So as a first step, let´s create a daily life, which is a little less “comfortable”. You don´t have to run a Marathon or climb the Mount Everest to begin with. With a bit of phantasy little personal challenges can be integrated in every normal day, weekend or holiday. 

If you happen to have difficulties coming up with some ideas on how to implement more movement into your day-to-day life, than this is where we at Watersports Training believe we can help nicely.  Our Team of professional Trainers is specialized in creating individual designed challenges, which get you moving.  During our trips and workshops, we´ll try to loosen the all surrounding net of safety and comfort a little and step out of the comfort zone. The further we get away from shore during our boat trips, the more you will feel focused on you and your own skills.  No mobile phones or internet to distract you.

Together we paddle to uninhabited islands, sleep around a bonfire, climb mountains to watch the sunrise or take you on a night walk through the forest on bare feet…

The possibilities are endless…

None of the activities just mentioned seem to have anything to do with workouts and physical fitness. Nevertheless you will find, that that’s exactly what it is! To us, a successful day of training is not indicated by you waking up with the worst muscle ache you ever experienced, but rather with you going to bed tired and with a wide smile on your face!

If we manage to achieve that, we´ll never ever have to worry again about lack of motivation…


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