VDWS Instructor Trainings 2012 - Watersports Training
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Kitesurfing Freeride Camp Tarifa

02.09. - 09.09.2017

Mallorca Sail and SUP Event

02.09. - 05.09.2017

Functional Movement Workshop Mallorca

February 2018

Grenadines / Caribbean - Kiteboarding at it´s best

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VDWS Instructor Trainings 2012

07 Oct. 2011

Stop dreaming from a job on the beach. Stop dreaming from traveling around the world, stop dreaming about earning money with what you love. It´s time to give it a try!

VDWS Instructor Courses providing you with a lot of necessary information and giving you a headstart into your new career on the beach!

Together with Club Mistral Tarifa, we will be hosting three professional VDWS Training Events in 2012.

VDWS Kiteboarding Instructor Training in Tarifa  - 16.03.-23.03.2012



VDWS Windsurfing Instructor Training in Tarifa - 24.03.-31.03.2012



VDWS SUP Training and Paddle the Strait Excursion - 07.04. - 10.04.2012



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