Body in Balance Workshop Tarifa - Watersports Training

Body in Balance Workshop Tarifa

14. - 17.09.2017

More and more people begin loosing their natural abilities such as running, jumping or throwing, simply because they don´t play an important role in their daily life anymore. As a result, it almost seems natural today, that people complain about back pain while standing or pain in the knees after a little run…

Our Body in Balance Workshops are designed to address those problems, caused by our "modern lifestyles. We believe that every change in the way we train, eat or live is caused by an initiating event. We want our workshops to be those events which helped you to  move better, move more often, become stronger, fitter and more efficient in your day to day life.

Date: 14.09. - 17.09.2017
Where: Tarifa / Spain
Activities: Functional Movement Screens, strength and conditioning, mobility and stability Training, Yoga, Excursions around the island, Hikes, Stand Up Paddling, Swimming, and more
Theoretical contents: Functionality of Motion, Mobility vs. Stability, sustainable Weight loss, how to create your own trainings plan, eat smarter, eat cleaner
Accommodation: Double Rooms Laguna Beach Hostel
For who: Everybody interested in improving their physical capability, injury protection, professional training and simply an amazing time with likeminded people in a beautiful Location
Price: 399 Euro
Included in that price: Accommodation for 3 nights in a double room, Functional Movement Screen, Functional Workout Sessions, Individual Training plan for 2 months, side Activities.
Trainer & Partner Jana Stienen and LUXFIT TRAINER


Workshop Contents


Functional Movement Screens 

The goal of the FMS is to discover weak links, imbalances and asymmetries.

Strength and conditioning training

Get stronger and last longer - our Coaches will challenge you to push yourself harder

Mobility and Stability Training

Based on your FMS results, our coach will provide corrective exercises to solve those weaknesses in your movement chain 


Beginn your day with a relaxing Yoga session and enjoy the sunrise over the horizon

Excursions around the island

From a little shopping session in the old town of Palma, over some famous Tapas Bars to the most stunning beaches...


No tourist trails, packed with thousands of people taking scenic pictures, - we take you off the grid and show you some rather unspoiled places

Stand Up Paddling

Try the fastest growing watersport together with our professional SUP Trainers and discover a whole new world of possibilities.


Thos with a good technic love it, those without hate it... Our coaches help you to get better in the water. 


Functionality of Motion

Understand the complexity and simplicity of natural movements and what is hidden behind the term "Functionality"

Mobility vs. Stability

There are joints with the need of mobility, while others rather need increased stability. Understand the joint to joint approach and apply those rules into your training

Sustainable weight loss

Maybe the most discussed topic EVER... Our trainers will try to get rid of some myths and false hopes. Changing something which took years to "achieve" will take time and work to get fixed. We get you started...

create your own individual trainings plan

understanding the basic principles of training, knowing your goals and the motivation to achieve them is all we need. We teach you on how to create your own training schedule.

eat smarter / eat cleaner

Our coaches will provide you with some simple and easy to cook ideas on how to eat smarter and cleaner. Each of you will get a list with 10 different recipes containing healthy food to fuel your body after your workout


Since 2017 we also run a little Hostel in Tarifa which is called Laguna Beach, situated right in the middle of the Nature Park, 100m distance to the shore and right in front of the Kiteboarding Lagoon in Tarifa. A perfect place to call home and a great possibility for all our guest to come and visit and share some quality time on the water with us. 

At the moment we do have 7 rooms available. 5 double rooms and 2 family rooms. Each room is has an ensuite bathroom, shower and toilet as well as a little fridge, a safe and has direct access to the the terrasse and gardens. 

In addition theres a community room with a fully equipped kitchen, open fireplace and a big table inside and outside. The Laguna Beach has an relaxed and friendly  atmosphere. Theres plenty of space in the gardens to chill out and perform our Training Sessions, free wifi, two BBQs and a roof terrasse from which you have a perfect view of the Sun setting over the Atlantic.  The two bigger rooms we have are ideal for groups or families. Each family room is divided into two separate rooms and one bathroom. 

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