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That´s what we do...

This short clip contains a lot of information about our Events and the philosophy behind it. It explains the training concept during our trips and hopefully gives you an insight on how it is to be on the road with us.

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Mauritius - Indian Ocean

Mauritius is definitely one of our annual highlights. We don´t know any other spot which offers such a huge variety of conditions. Beginners as well as Pro´s launch from the same beach and have the time of their lives on the water. The island itself is absolutely beautiful and the whole trip a MUST if you haven´t been there yet.

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Outdoor & Lifestyle Events

Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Sailing, Stand up Paddling, Hiking, Beach Workouts, Yoga, Climbing or simply getting lost out there, - somewhere, anywhere really. Our Outdoor and Lifestyle events are more than just an active holiday in some beautiful location, - it´s a journey, an adventure, it´s a trip you won´t forget...

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Sailing Adventure Ibiza & Mallorca

A little different than our classic Kiteboarding and Windsurfing Trips, the Sailing Adventures we offer don´t require any prior experience. You don´t need to be a Sailor, or Windsurfer, Kiter or Stand Up Paddler - if you like the ocean and the idea of exploring the Balearic Islands in a more natural way, you fit in our crew. 

Let´s throw off the bowlines and set sail...:)

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Caribbean Kiteboarding Cruises

Every year we spend some weeks in the Caribbean cruising a board a sailing yacht to the most beautiful spots one could imagine. The Caribbean Kite Trips are the perfect combination between perfect Kiteboarding conditions and the unique experience of living on board a sailboat.

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Tarifa - Europe´s most famous Spot

Tarifa is not only our Homebase, but at the same the European Mekka for all Watersports and Outdoor Travellers. Tarifa offers not only perfect conditions and wind the whole year around, it has as well an outstanding infrastructure serving all the needs Surfers might have. ION CLUB our Partner on side, offers a perfectly equipped Center, right on the best beach of Tarifa.  

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Maui/Hawaii - Pacific Ocean

A trip to Hawaii is something every Windsurfer, Kitesurfer or Stand Up Paddler has to do at least once in life. The Hawaiian Islands are not only home to some of the best spots in the world, Hawaii is also the Birthplace of our Sport. There's no other spot on this planet where you´ll feel so connected to the true Spirit of Surfing as a lifestyle than on Hawaii. 

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