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on the road....

Being on the road with us is not just another journey or another holiday on the beach. What we do is about passion, lifestyle and the love for travelling to the most beautiful places, the ocean and all possibilities it hast to offer. Experience different cultures, meet new people and Windsurf, Kitesurf and Paddle on the best spots this planet has to offer. Enjoy those moments, which take your breath away and leave you stoked and happy, together with likeminded people.

Maui, Hawaii - Pacific Ocean
November / December

the ultimate Surftrip...

A trip to Maui is more than just another Windsurf or Kiteboarding holiday, it is more than a simple clinic to improve your riding skills, it is more than just a chance to spend time on the water. Maui is a journey, an adventure, it is the ultimate... to see, touch and experience a part of history.

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Mauritius - Indian Ocean
15.05. - 30.05.2017

the place after which heaven was copied...

Bizarre mountain peaks, magnificent palm-fringed beaches, colourful coral reefs, shimmering azure lagoons, and wind the whole year! What more could windsurfers, kitesurfers and Stand-up Paddlers wish for?! With almost 300 days of wind per year, what other destination can compete with Mauritius?

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Open Ocean Cruise
May and September

Gibraltar to Ibiza

For all of you who love to be out at sea, for all who like the slow, relaxed rhythm of living on a a boat and all who seek to add some adventure to normal day to day life, this is your trip! Together we set sail from Gibraltar, strait to the Balearic Island of Ibiza. The trip will be an offshore sailing experience. We won´t anchor for the night in some cosy little bay, or leave the boat for dinner in some fancy beach restaurant.

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Germany, Föhr - North Sea

Island in the North Seas

Miles of white sandy beaches, a unique landscape and moderate temperatures throughout the year. The island of Föhr is a great summer destination and perfect spot for all Kiteboarders, Windsurfers and Sailors.  

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Sailing & SUP Ibiza / Formentera
June and September

Discover the true beauty of the Balearic Islands Ibiza and Formentera far of the beaten tracks and mass tourism. During our event on Ibiza we live on board a nice sailing yacht and spend our days cruising and finding the nicest spots for stand up paddling along the beautiful shoreline. Indulge yourself aboard the yacht and discover all the possibilities paddle boarding and sailing has to offer.


Spain, Tarifa - Atlantic Ocean
April & September

Wind Capital of Europe...

An amazing variety of Spots, landscapes and nightlife makes Tarifa an all time classic! Flat water, waveriding, dwonwinding, coastrunners and much more...Tarifa has it all!

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Caribbean Sailing & Kite Cruise
February & March

Sailing and Kiteboarding in the Caribbean

Living on bord a beautiful yacht, cruising through the Caribbean looking for the best kiteboarding spots. Spots you don´t have to share with anybody else! Sailing, fishing, Kiteboarding & absolute Relaxation. 

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SUP Crossing from Europe to Africa
May - October

Stand up Paddling from Europe to Africa

The Strait of Gibraltar is a narrow strait that connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea and separates Spain in Europe from Morocco in Africa. The Strait is an historical 15 mile passage between those two continents. A passage between two Oceans and from one continent to another... Once every week, we organise crossing through the Strait on SUP Boards. 

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