Paddle to Africa - Watersports Training

Paddle the Strait Challenge

a once in a lifetime experience...

The Strait of Gibraltar is a narrow strait that connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea and separates Spain in Europe from Morocco in Africa. The Strait is an historical 15 mile passage between those two continents. A passage between two Oceans and from one continent to another...

No matter if you like to face that challenge alone or make a team effort and share the paddling with friends or partners. Reaching the african shore will be one of those special moments, one you will remember!

On the day of the crossing, we will meet at 08.00 in the morning at the Yacht Marina of La Linea, just opposite of Gibraltar. From there we set sail towards Europa Point, the southernmost tip of Gibraltar from where our crossing will begin. 

While cruising to the starting point, our team will prepare the SUP Boards and run you through a final briefing for the crossing. The Strait of Gibraltar is famous for spotting wales and dolphins. Especially Dolphins are often accompanying the trip for hours and come really close to the Yacht and the Paddleboards.

After 4 to 6 hours we will reach the shores of Africa! Enjoy a short moment of "glory" :) and the feeling of mission accomplished! After everybody is back aboard the Yacht, we will set sail back for Gibraltar, enjoying a breathtaking sunset at sea and some cold drinks. 

Dates: available for pre bookings every week from May - October
required minimum fitness level Participants should be able to perform a low intensity run for min. 60 minutes and be able to swim for min 30 minutes in open water.
required SUP experience Participants should have experience in open water paddling. (not only lakes) Paddling distances of 2-3 km against the wind should be possible to perform.
Price for single crossings (1 Person paddling) 800 Euro
Price for two people crossings (2 Persons paddling) 900 Euro
Price for 3 people crossings (3 Persons paddling) 1000 Euro
included in the price: SUP Rental, local transfers including the Boat from Africa, Lunch and Softdrinks
Friends and Partners: Every Paddler is allowed to bring one extra person on the boat free of charge


Safety and Organisation

The trip will be accompanied by a fully equiped 12m Sailing Yacht. The Yacht will  carry food and beverages for the athlets and will ensure a safe passage through the strait of Gibraltar. If one of the Paddlers needs a rest, it´s always possible to sit on the Yacht for a while before continue paddling.

A popular option for crossing the Strait is to paddle as a small team with a friend or your partner. This option is saving costs and it´s great fun to accomplish this mission together. Your partner will be resting on the yacht while you´re paddling for Africa. Once tired, you swap roles - as often as you would like.

All of our participants so far, were in doubt if they´re able to make it all the way to the other side. Accompanied by the yacht, experienced skippers and our coaches this is your chance to find out!

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