Maui Hawaii Windsurf Camp - Watersports Training

Maui, Hawaii - Pacific Ocean

the ultimate Surftrip...

A trip to Maui is more than just another Windsurf or Kiteboarding holiday, it is more than a simple clinic to improve your riding skills, it is more than just a chance to spend time on the water. Maui is a journey, an adventure, it is the ultimate... to see, touch and experience a part of Surfing history.


Date: 24.11. - 08.12.2016
for who? Every windsurfer and Kiter who is looking for a trip of a lifetime. Minimum riding level: going upwind safely
Program Radio and Video supported Windsurf and Kiteboarding Tuition. Excursions, Outrigger Canoeing, Beach Workouts and a lot more...
Prices: 2499,- incl. double room in Apartments in Haiku, Rental Car hire and Event fee and Shirt
Specials Stand Up Paddling, Waveriding in traditional Outrigger Canoes, R&D Seminar with Quattro and Keith Teiboul, Sunrise on the Haleakala, Hike through the Valley of the Kings, Meeting with Legends,and much much more
Trainers: Chris Ziaja, Giel Vlugt


The place it all began...

The original spot where the board sports phenomena started. The first time you sail Hookipa, launch your kite at kitebeach or feel the ground shaking underneath your feet while gazing at jaws will be an absolutely exceptional moment. 

Well will take you there and make that dream come true!!!

The team of VDWS Pro Trainers will share their experiences, provide you with an intense training program and give you an insight into what Maui has to offer. 

We will visit the Quattro Headquaters in Haiku where Keith Teiboul and Francisco Goya will give us a product presentation and provide us with an insight of the research and development work, taking place on Maui. 

Maui in Winter is THE place the Pro Riders come to train, and develop and test the new gear. It´s basically impossible to go Windsurfing, Kiting or Stand Up Paddling on Maui, without sharing a wave with some of the most famous Riders in the world. The atmosphere is unique on the water and you will be a part of it.

Professional Coaching

We will take care of everything from where you stay through to what alternative activities and places you want to visit. The aim is to ensure you get the most out of your time in Maui. We will also join you on each of your sessions on the water to not only provide training and guidance to help you perfect your favourite manoeuvres, but also ensure you are safe at all times and give you hints and tips to help you get the most out of each session. What better way to explore the best spots in the world! Your sessions will be filmed in order to provide you with a daily feedback and give you a great memory from your trip.

Other Activities

Of course, Maui has more to offer than outstanding watersport conditions. 

During our entire stay you will have a rental car at hand to explore the beauty of the island. Together we will hike up the Valley of the Kings, tumble through ancient lava tubes, witness a breathtaking Sunrise on top of Volcano Haleakala and bath under Waterfalls along the street of Hana.  

the ultimate Surftrip...

Describing our event on Maui for people who haven´t been there, is as hard as describing colours to a blind person. Two weeks on Maui, are kind of two weeks in paradise for every surfer, kiter, windsurfer, stand up paddler, or simply outdoor enthusiast. 

Maui is something you have to experience, see, smell, breath, live. Maui is something everybody has to see at least once!

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