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Tarifa Windsurfing Camps

Wind almost every day, a great variety of different spots and conditions, an amazing nightlife and absolute unique infrastructure in terms of countless Surf shops, Bars and Restaurants and an amazing atmosphere along Tarifas huge sandy beaches. During our Windsurfing Camps, "time on the water" is our top priority. Our experienced Trainers will help you to master basics such as Waterstarting, or sailing in the foot straps, as well as any advanced manoeuvre you have on your wish list.

For all of you looking forward to improve your Windsurfing skills and spend lots of time on the water together with a group of likeminded people, our Windsurfing Camps are just ide


Date: 14.07. - 17.07.2017
Date: 24.08. - 28.08.2017
Date: 05.10. - 09.10.2017
Tuition: 4 hours / day of radio and video supported Windsurfing Tuition
Other Activities: Paddleboarding, Beachworkouts, Excursions
for who: Every Windsurfer looking to improve his/her sailing skills and spending time together on the water
Event only Price: 399,00 Euro
Equipment Rental: Double Room in Laguna Beach Hostel Tarifa, incl. Breakfast
Special Travel packages available on request: Double Room in Laguna Beach Hostel Tarifa, incl. Breakfast and Transfers
Trainers: Chris Ziaja


Expect something different - expect more!

Our team will not only spend time on the water with you, but also help to discover with you the whole variety Tarifa has to offer. We will take you on long downwinders along Tarifas Coastline, hike through the nature park on the search for the most stunning sundowner locations and show you the best Tapas Bars in town. Tarifa is our Homebase and to us one of the most amazing places we know. The southern most tip of the European Mainland, Africa on the horizon, just 13km away and the place where the Mediterran connects through the Strait of Gibraltar with the Atlantic Ocean.


Since 2017 we also run a little Hostel in Tarifa which is called Laguna Beach, situated right in the middle of the Nature Park, 100m distance to the shore and right in front of the Kiteboarding Lagoon in Tarifa. A perfect place to call home and a great possibility for all our guest to come and visit and share some quality time on the water with us. 

At the moment we do have 7 rooms available. 5 double rooms and 2 family rooms. Each room is has an ensuite bathroom, shower and toilet as well as a little fridge, a safe and has direct access to the the terrasse and gardens. 

In addition theres a community room with a fully equipped kitchen, open fireplace and a big table inside and outside. The Laguna Beach is made by Surfers and for Surfers, so the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. Theres plenty of space in the gardens to wash and store your equipment, free wifi, two BBQs and a roof terrasse from which you have a perfect view right on the spot to check out the wind conditions.  The two bigger rooms we have are ideal for groups or families. Each family room is divided into two separate rooms and one bathroom. 

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