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Kite and Yoga Events Tarifa

This unique combination of kiting and yoga will make you feel the power in your body and mind.

Yoga and Kiting is the perfect combination for your body and soul. Moving your body while being outside, feeling the warmth of the sun and the saltwater on your skin is a great connection to nature and will bring your mind away from your daily life. Start your day with some nice flows and stretches for your body. Yoga has a lot of qualities which you could use for every kind of sports. For kiting you generate more stability in your core, more endurance in your musscles and flexibility in all joints. It can also help you to relax your muscles and your mind after an intense session on the water.

You will be perfectly prepared for a nice session with one of our kiteinstructors on the water, work on your new trick or just enjoy being out on the water, kiting in this beautiful place.  One or the other day, we will have a regenerative Yoga session in the evening, calming down the mind and body. After this special camp with likeminded people, you will return with a lot of power and motivation in your daily life.

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June: 10.6. - 24.6.2020

September: 9.9. - 13.9.2020

Oktober: 21.10. - 25.10.2020