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Sport and Discovery Journey......

Being on the road with us is not just another journey or another holiday at the beach. What we do is about passion, lifestyle and the love for travelling to the most beautiful places, the ocean and all possibilities it has to offer. Experience different cultures, meet new people and paddle on the best spots this planet has to offer. Enjoy those moments, which take your breath away and leave you stoked and happy, together with likeminded people.

Furthermore it is a perfect chance to join your partner or friends on their Kitetrip. Together we discover the most exciting places all over the world and we will find the right activity for everyone!

Sunset Tapas Dinner at Sea

Sunset Tapas Dinner at Sea, Sunset, Ocean, Spanish Tapas, Tapas, At Sea, Strait of Gibraltar, Dinner and Sail, Sail, Sail in the Strait of Gibraltar, Dinner in the Strait of Gibraltar

Every Friday

Onboard our Sailing Yacht you will become part of the Crew for 4 hours. Enjoy a breathaking sunset sail with a unique dinner experience.

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Pirate Treasure Hunt

Pirate Treasure Hunt, Bechelorette, pirate, pirate experience, real escape room, from the sofa to the sea, find the treasure, sail

From July

The ultimate Pirate experience! Let your adventure begin at home on your sofa and end with salt on your skin...

Pirate Treasure Hunt

50 Mile Paddle Challenge

Watersports Training, Mallorca, Ibiza, SUP, Abenteuer, Segeln, Erleben, Event,

27.-29. July 2021

A unique once in a lifetime adventure! A challenge!

Stand Up Paddling from Mallorca to Ibiza - 50 nautical miles or almost 100 kilometers across the open sea. By yourself or in a team with friends or co-workers. You've got what it takes!

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Kids Adventure Segel Urlaub

kids, kids sailing, father and son, kids adventure, adventure, sail, explore, play, family time

Andalusia and Baleares

On our Sailing Yacht you will become part of the crew together with your kids!

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Discover Mauritius

Watersports Training, Mauritius, Erleben, Entdecken, Urlaub, Abenteuer, Aktiv Urlaub, Begleitung,

Coming soon

Few places on earth can compete with Mauritius in its beauty. Here you will find magnificent lagoons surrounded by white sandy beaches, green mountain ranges and the unmistakable hospitality of the locals.

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