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Paddle the Strait to Africa

What awaits you is a unique adventure. A challenge. Either just for you, or for your whole team. Two oceans, two continents and a day you will never forget.

The Strait of Gibraltar is a strait that connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean and separates Spain (Europe) from Morocco (Africa). This historic waterway is about 60km long and only 14km wide at its shortest point. Our route takes us from Spain's coast to Ceuta on the African side. A route between two oceans, from one continent to the other. 

Stand up paddling from Europe to Africa

Event Overview

Date: weekly from beginning of April until end of November Only when pre-booked
Tour: Paddle from Algeciras to Africa and sail back to Spain the same day
Price for one Paddler: 900 Euro
Price for two Paddlers: 1100 Euro
Price for three Paddlers: 1300 Euro
SUP 1 day 50 Euro
for who: SUP Experience on open water and Ocean is mandatory before joining that trip. Participants should be able to paddle comfortably also against the wind for 2-3 KM, as well as swim in open water for 30 minutes.
Included in that price: double cabin for one night on the Yacht, accompanied crossing of the Strait, Drinks and Snacks on Bord, shuttle back to Spain.
Friends and Partners: Every Paddleboarder can bring an additional person to join the trip on Board the Sailing Yacht free of charge.
Skipper: Chris Ziaja, Giel Vlugt


Watersports Training


Phone:   +34 663644078



For an upgraded price of 180 Euro per trip, one of our professional photographers will join your crossing. Equipped with a massive Zoom he will capture all the important moments of your trip. The  start of your crossing on the spanish side, dolphins swimming next to your Board, huge Container ships passing our way and of course the arrival on the african side of the Strait. 

Please inform us at the time of your booking, if you like to book this upgrade, so we book the Photographer in time to accompany us. 

Organisation and Safety

The trip will be accompanied by a fully equiped 12m Sailing Yacht. The Yacht will  carry food and beverages for the athlets and will ensure a safe passage through the strait of Gibraltar. If one of the Paddlers needs a rest, it´s always possible to sit on the Yacht for a while before continue paddling.

A popular option for crossing the Strait is to paddle as a small team with a friend or your partner. This option is saving costs and it´s great fun to accomplish this mission together. Your partner will be resting on the yacht while you´re paddling for Africa. Once tired, you swap roles - as often as you would like.

All of our participants so far, were in doubt if they´re able to make it all the way to the other side. Accompanied by the yacht, experienced skippers and our coaches this is your chance to find out!

Our Boat is based in the Club Nautico Real in Algeciras. Most likely the best way of getting to Algeciras is to fly into Malaga (AGP). The distance from Malaga Airport to Algeciras is approximately 135km. There are official shuttle services from Malaga to Algeciras, but these shuttles are extremely expensive. Therefore the best way to get from the airport to the harbour are either public buses or rental cars.

The Bus connection from Malaga to Algeciras is sometimes even direct. The journey by bus takes usually 2-3 hours and it will cost around 20€. From the Busstation in Algeciras you can grab a Cab and you will be at the Boat within 5min. 

More information regarding bus connections: Avanza Bus

Our recommendation is to take a rental car at the airport and keep it for your entire stay. Rental cars are exrtremely cheap and will add a lot of comfort and flexibility to your time here. 

check out "cheap rental cars" to compare prices and get an offer

One day before the the crossing, we will meet at 18.00h at the Club Nautico Real in Algeciras at the Boat. While having dinner together we will go through the most important things about the Crossing and enjoy the evening. In the morning at 08:00h we will start our trip and set sail towards Punta Canero, our startingpoint for the crossing. 

While cruising to the starting point, our team will prepare the SUP Boards and run you through a final briefing for the crossing. The Strait of Gibraltar is famous for spotting wales and dolphins. Especially Dolphins are often accompanying the trip for hours and come really close to the Yacht and the Paddleboards.

After 4 to 6 hours we will reach the shores of Africa! Enjoy a short moment of "glory" :) and the feeling of mission accomplished! After everybody is back aboard the Yacht, we will set sail back for Algeciras, enjoying a breathtaking sunset at sea and some cold drinks. 

Paddle the Straight

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