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Being on the road with us is not just another journey or another holiday at the beach. What we do is about passion, lifestyle and the love for travelling to the most beautiful places, the ocean and all possibilities it has to offer. Experience different cultures, meet new people and paddle on the best spots this planet has to offer. Enjoy those moments, which take your breath away and leave you stoked and happy, together with likeminded people.

Furthermore it is a perfect chance to join your partner or friends on their Kitetrip. Together we discover the most exciting places all over the world and we will find the right activity for everyone!

Sailing the Caribbean

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There is probably no better way to start your Caribbean trip then on a yacht and set sail. Discover the best about the untouched and most beautiful nature in the Caribbean with us!

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SUP from Europe to Africa

SUP, Straße von Gribraltar, Watersports Training, Events, Challenge, Reisen, Erleben


Paddle the Strait of Gibraltar with a SUP. A passage between two Oceans and from one continent to another...In a Tem or alone, reaching the african shore will be one of those special moments, one you will remember!

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Aloha Experience

Watersports Training, Hawaii, Maui, Erleben, Reise, Aktiv Urlaub, Explore, Discover


A trip to Maui is more than just another holiday. It’s an adventure to touch wild nature and experience a real part of Surfing history. Hawaii should be on every travel-lover bucket list...

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Active Yoga and Discover Journey Tarifa

Watersports Training, Tarifa, SUP, Abenteuer, Spanien, Erleben, Event,


Tarifa it the most south point of Europe. In the morning you can see the sunrise over the Mediterranean Sea, in 15km distance at the horzion you see Africa and in the evening the sun sets into the Atlantik.

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Yoga and Sail Balearic Islands

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There is no better way to discover the beauty of the Balearic Islands then from a Sailboat. Experience the Balearic in a new way and relax body and mind with daily yoga sessions.

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Discover Mauritius

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Bizarre mountain peaks, magnificent palm-fringed beaches, colourful coral reefs, shimmering azure lagoons, stunning waterfalls and great hospitality! What more could you ask for!?

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