50 mile paddle, 50 Meilen, Mallorca, Ibiza, SUP, Challenge, Adventure, Abenteuer, Paddleboard
50 mile paddle, 50 Meilen, Mallorca, Ibiza, SUP, Challenge, Adventure, Abenteuer, Paddleboard
50 mile paddle, 50 Meilen, Mallorca, Ibiza, SUP, Challenge, Adventure, Abenteuer, Paddleboard

50 Mile Challenge

09.06. - 12.06. and 12.06. - 15.06.

You´re crazy...

50 nautical miles! That´s almost 100 kilometers!! On a Paddleboard?! Offshore?! From Mallorca to Ibiza?! Impossible! We take reactions and comments like those, as a compliment. A reinsurance that we´re still on the right track! To us the question is not if this idea is a little crazy - we know it is... The real question is if the idea is crazy enough:)

So here´s to the "crazy ones" out there - who´s up for a little challenge? Who would like to join us on this adventure? Step up guys, you´re not alone...:)

What to expect:

What you can expect is a unique once in a lifetime adventure! A challenge! Either only for yourself or shared with your team or friends. You will live for 3 days on board of a luxurious sailing catamaran which will serve as a floating hotel as well as a safety boat for our crossing. It doesn´t matter if you´re actually manage to paddle the entire way - what we can guarantee is an unforgettable adventure at sea.

Event Overview

Date: 09.06. - 12.06.2019
Date: 12.06. - 15.06.2019
for who: SUP Experience on open water and ocean is mandatory before joining the trip. Participants should also be able to paddle comfortably also against the wind for at least 10Km, as well as swim in open water for 30 minutes.
Price for 1 Paddler: 1200 Euro
Price for companion: 600 Euro
Included in that price: 3 nights on Bord, incl. breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as drinks, skipper and SUP Trainer, SUP rental and 8 weeks SUP preparation Trainings scheme
Team: Chris Ziaja, Giel Vlugt, Jana Stienen


Watersports Training


Phone:   +34 663644078

email:     info@--no-spam--watersports-training.com

Organisation and Safety

Day 1:

On the first day around lunch time we will meet you in the harbour of Mallorca to check in on the Yacht. After a short welcome cocktail, we set sail to the south western part of the island where we will anchor the yacht and give you time to get used to your paddle boards before having an early dinner followed by a couple of drinks on board the yacht.

Day 2:

On the second day we will set sail with the first light and make our way to the drop off point. There the paddleboarders will jump in the water and start their journey towards Ibiza. With the wind on our back and the yacht in very close proximity next to you we will paddle together to Ibiza. The yacht will be there to provide you with food and drinks during the trip, as well as safety and the possibiltiy for you to rest if needed. Once we arrive to Ibiza, we will finish the day celbrating your great accomplishment accordingly. 

Day 3:

The third day we spend in Ibiza, exploring the shoreline and city of Ibiza. You´ll have time to chill on board, go swimming, shopping or whatever you feel like:)  In the late afternoon, we will meet back on board and set sail towards Mallorca where we will arrive early the next morning.

Palma de Mallorca Airport is one of the big hubs of Spain, there are hundreds of flights every day from and to different airports all over Europe. Once arrived at the airport, you can take a taxi just outside the arrival hall, it´s a 20 minute ride to the Marina where our team is waiting for you.

After the crossing we will sail back together to Mallorca from where you can catch your flights home. However, if you prefer to spend a bit more time on Ibiza, it´s no problem to leave the yacht a day earlier and stay over there.

Welcome Aboard

Our yacht is a luxurious 40 feet Catamaran which has 4 spacious double cabins and two bathrooms. There´s a big kitchen and chill out area as well inside as outside. Most of the time you´re not paddling, you will spend chilling on deck or laying on the trampoline flying over the ocean beneath you :)

If we got you interested in the trip, most likely you might still be left with at least two major questions. 

Am I fit enough to manage to paddle that long?

Honestly, we don´t know and we don´t really care. What we want for you is to have a great time, an adventure, a challenge. We want you to think back of those days as outstanding, fun and great experience among likeminded people. No matter if you paddle all the way by yourself, if you share the board and paddle with your partner, if you have frequent rests on board of the yacht, or if you only paddle a bit and enjoy the rest of the day sailing. Nothing to proof - just enjoy the challenge!

Is it safe?

That one is easy to answer. Yes it is safe! Otherwise we would never offer it commercially. Our team has years of experience skippering yachts all over the world, as well as teaching all kind of ocean sports and organising trips and clinics. The yacht as well as the motorized dinghy will be very close to the Paddlers at all times. Of course, we will choose weather and wind conditions that are suitable. That said, it might happen that we have to swing our crossing around and instead of paddling from Mallorca to Ibiza, paddle from Ibiza back to Mallorca. Other than that, everything will be fine:)