Tarifa Kite and Yoga Camps


All our activities are outdoor activities with the fresh smell of andalusian air. You will already get an energyboost by just seeing the mountains or the beach and the ocean. In combination with our activities you will be full of energy after these days.


Tarifa is one of the windiest places in Europe. Whenever we have good wind conditions, we will try to get on the water. You don´t need any experiences in kiting to be part of the camp. From VDWS level 0 (you never tried kiting before) up to level 3 (you can control your kite, you can bodydrag with the kite through the water or you already had your first experiences with the first waterstarts) you are perfectly welcome. We will help you to learn kiting in a safe and enjoyable way. 


Yoga will bring your body and mind in line. The connection of movement and breath will please you with deep relaxation. Start your day with an energized Vinyasa Flow at the beach and enjoy the sunrise above the ocean. Or after an active day you can join a regenerative yoga class to relax and let everything tension go. For our yoga classes it doesn´t matter if you bring any experience or not, everybody will experience great benefits.


"A rolling stone gathers no moss". Together we will train our mobility and be attentive to the main joints. Some joints need a great range of motion, other joints need more stability. We will improve your range of motion and the stability to improve your posture and help you with all the standing and sitting during the daily life. You will come back home with a lot of inspiration for sure.

Fitness Training

To increase fatburning, we will train in high intensity levels. This is your change to use your mobility while practising functional exercises mostlikely with your own bodyweight. While having a lot of fun getting our bodys to sweat you will get a lot of tips for your daily life when you come back home. 

Side activities

Our destinations are too pretty to just train all day long. Our coaches will show you special places around and provide an diversified program for you in Tarifa.


Famous amongst Kitesurfers for it´s great wind consistency, amazing spots and chilled lifestyle, Tarifa in fact has much more to offer than just being a watersports mekka. Tarifa is a bit of magical place really, offering a unique landscape with mountains in the back, endless beaches, the morrocan coast on the horizon and the possibility to sit on the same rooftop watching the sun rise over the mediterian sea and sun set over the Atlantic ocean.

During our Kite & Yoga Camp our intention is to show you as much of this "Tarifa Magic" as possible. Begin your day with a relaxed Yoga session, improve your Kiteboarding skills with the help of our professional instructors and enjoy the andalusien way of life in one of the countless restaurants and bars in the evenening.

What to expect

What you can expect are 5 days packed with activities. Professional Kiteboarding Tuition, Yoga & Fitness sessions and a variety of other activiteis and excursions.  All of that in a relaxed atmosphere together with a small group of likeminded people

Trip overview

Duration: 5 days Kite & Yoga Camp
Date: 21.10. - 25.10.2020
for who: All Yoga enthusiasts who want to learn kiting or who already kite, looking for a relaxed and fun adventure in the south of Spain.
Program: 6 hours of trial course Kitesurfing or 6 hours of advanced lessons, event program, Yoga & Fitness units, excursions and more.
Event Price material included: 590 Euro
Event Price accommodation: from 125 Euro for a double room p.p.
Accommodation: Ocean View Villa or similar
Participants: min. 4 max.10


Watersports Training


Phone:   +34 663644078



properly insured?

Probably the cheapest way to get to Tarifa is to fly towards Malaga (AGP). There are more airports in Jerez, Sevilla and Gibraltar but they aren't used to fly to as frequently as Malaga which explains why prices to those aiports are clearly more expensive.

The distance from the airport of Malaga to Tarifa is around 180 kilometres.There are official offers of shuttle services but they are so expensive that they are not interesting at all. The two realistic ways to get to Tarifa is either by public transport like a bus or by renting a car.

The bus connection from Malaga to Tarifa will go to Marbella first, has the second stop in Algeciras before heading to the direction of Tarifa. This particular trip will take about 3 to 4 hours when you include changing busses and easily costs around 20 euros. 

More information about the bus connections you can find on:  Avanza Bus

Our reccommendation however is to rent a car. The prices to rent a car in Malaga for the entire period are very cheap and in the off-season totally unbeatable.

 To compare rental car prices click here

Welcome home!

The homebase of Watersports Training for us is a place where we return to after our events and a place where our surf hostel is located, Tarifa / Spain.

The hostel is situated right in the middle of the Nature Park, 100m distance to the shore and right in front of the Kiteboarding Lagoon in Tarifa. A perfect place to call home and a great possibility for all our guest to come and visit and share some quality time on the water with us.

At the moment we do have 7 rooms available. 5 double rooms and 2 family rooms. Each room has an ensuite bathroom, shower and toilet as well as a little fridge, a safe and has direct access to the the terrasse and gardens. 

In addition theres a community room with a fully equipped kitchen, open fireplace and a big table inside and outside. The Laguna Beach is made by Surfers and for Surfers, so the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. Theres plenty of space in the gardens to wash and store your equipment, free wifi and two BBQs. Free Internet is available on the entire property as well as plenty of space to park your car.

The two bigger rooms we have are ideal for groups or families. Each family room is divided into two separate rooms and one bathroom. Most of our guests are water sport or outdoor fanatics so the atmosphere is usually quite relax

A typical day during our Tarifa event could look like this:

8:00   Yoga 

9:30   Breakfast

11:00  Country and People

13:00  Lunch

14:00  Watersports

19:00  Sundowner Drink

20:30  Dinner

For the earlybirds our programm starts just before breakfast with an early morning yoga or beach workout session. Afterwards we will enjoy breakfast all together whilst going through and discussing the plan of that particular day. Together we will go for a beautiful hike with a view over the atlantic and Mediterranean Sea, visit one of the spectecular dunes around Tarifa or discover the coastline.

After lunch in one of the many good beach restaurants we will start with a session on the water. Depending on the conditions we will go for a kite session, with no winds we will go for a SUP discovery tour, SUP Yoga or even go surfing when there are waves.

We finish off the day at the beach with a sundowner while watching a breath taking sunset over the atlantic waters. When the sun has set and the day is over we go the the old town of Tarifa all together to have dinner and to start the evening.


Miles at 10.07.2017

"We spent a few weeks at the Laguna Beach apartments in Tarifa in June/ July 2017 and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. The apartments are ideally located just outside of Tarifa town, but remain within walking distance. This proved to be a great location for getting in to town, but also gave us the space we needed for all our kite gear and parking. The accommodation is clean, and quiet and Chris (plus his staff) is always on hand to help out. Highly recommend staying here, we will be back in the near future.
Cheers, Miles"


Lyndz at 31.05.2016

"Thanks to Chris and his team at Watersports Training.What a buzz, can´t recommend this event enough. A true once in a lifetime experience, how lucky were we with every condition working with us :) 
We will never forget this experience and were truly blessed to have had such a great time in Tarifa Anyone thinking about doing it, don't think about it - just do it! 
River Sup Club (UK)"


Martin at 07.08.2017


Thank you very much to the entire Watersports Training team! I have learned more in 1 week than I have the lasts two years all together!! Next year I'm definitely going to come again!''

Tarifa Kite and Yoga Camps

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