Kiteboarding, Worldtour, Watersports Training, Event, Kite, Kitesurfing, Tutition, Unterricht, Reise, Abenteuer
Kitesurfing, Kiteboarding, Kitesurfen, Kiten, lernen, Event, Reise, World Tour, Watersports Training
Kitesurfing, Kiteboarding, Kitesurfen, Kiten, lernen, Event, Reise, World Tour, Watersports Training

On the road...

Being on the road with us is not just another journey or another holiday on the beach. What we do is about passion, lifestyle and the love for travelling to the most beautiful places, the ocean and all possibilities it hast to offer. Experience different cultures, meet new people and Windsurf, Kitesurf and Paddle on the best spots this planet has to offer. Enjoy those moments, which take your breath away and leave you stoked and happy, together with likeminded people.

Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is very different to other travel destinations. This particular trip is definitely more adventurous than it is relaxing. The kite conditions in Kalpitiya and its surrounding spots are of absolutely world class!

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Kite Discovery Caribbean

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There is probably no better way to start your Caribbean trip then on a yacht and set sail. Discover the best about kitesurfing in the Caribbean with us!

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Maui Kite Discovery

Maui, Hawaii, Watersports Training, Events, Kiteboarding, Reisen, Erleben


A trip to Maui is more than just another Kiteboarding holiday. A trip to Maui is like travelling to the roots of any kind of surfing. It’s an adventure to touch and experience a real part of Surfing history.

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Tarifa Kite Camps

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Tarifa is known for always being windy and is a fantastic spot with an amazing night life. Our experienced instructors will help you master the basic manoeuvres like going upwind, jibing and jumping.

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Kite Camp Holland

Holland, Kite Camp, Watersports Training, Kiten Lernen,


Endless lagoons, endless downwinders and plenty of other spots close-by makes Vrouwenpolder the ultimate kiteboarding destination. Apart from the huge lagoons there are also plenty of wave spots just waiting for you…

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Kite Camp Egypt

Ägypten, Kite Camp, Watersports Training, Kitesurfen, lernen,


For all who don’t like long flights but love Caribbean like water and wind consistency. For those who are looking for a perfect kite holiday without too much effort, Egypt is simply impossible to beat.

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Morocco Kite Discovery

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Lagoons with perfect flat water, massive sand dunes, camels and a deep blue Atlantic ocean. Dakhla which is in the south of Morocco is a very special place with kind people and is a Mecca for all kinds of surfing.

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Kite Discovery Mauritius

Mauritius, Watersports Training, ION CLUB, Events, Kitesurfing, Wave, Clinic


Bizarre mountain peaks, magnificent palm-fringed beaches, colourful coral reefs, shimmering azure lagoons, and wind the whole year! What more could you ask for!?

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Home made

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You have a group, a destination or actually just a vague idea. You are looking for someone to help creating and organising your individual wishes? We do that! And we promise, the crazier your idea sounds the more enthusiastic our team goes to work!

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