Kite, Holland, Kite Event, Watersports Training, Kiten Lernen, Kite Reise,
Kite, Holland, Kite Event, Watersports Training, Kiten Lernen, Kite Reise,

Holland Kite Freeride Camp

20.07. - 27.07.2019

For sure the Neatherlands provide a huge variety of great Kitespots. Still, Vrouwenpolder is our favourite. Endless Beaches and one of the biggest Flatwater Lagoons in the Neatherlands make the spot perfect for beginner and advanced Kiters.

Our goal druing our Freeride Camps in Holland is to be together on the water as much as possible. Our experienced coaches will help you to train the basic skills like going upwind, jibing or jumping. Next to the tuition on water we will create a great program before and after the sessions on the water. We will enjoy early bird yoga or fitness sessions, bike trips, Beachbuggy and a lot of fun things around.

What to expect

Up to 6 hours professional lesson on the water everyday including an offbeated and varied program. Enjoy downwinder, beachbuggie trips and BBQs at the beach together with likeminded people.

It is easy to travel to Vrouwenpolder. You could come by plane by flying into Amsterdam (200km) or to Rotterdam (100km) and get a rental car to get to the beach. For all of you who live close, you can just use your navigation system and drive there. From Cologne or Düsseldorf it would take you 3-4 hours until you can step with your feet into the sand.

Of course there are a lot of different accommodations around. Our team will stay at the Camping Roompot, which is located in 10 min. walking distance to the watersports center. You could choose from staying in a tent up to a comfortable Bungalow.

For more information ask us or have a look here:

A typical day with us in Holland could look like this:

For early birds we start before breakfast with a yoga session or a beach workout/run. While enjoying breakfast together, we will have a look at the program for the day. Mostlikely we will start with our first Kitesession of the day.

Our Coaches will devide the sessions into different themes to get everyone to the manouver you individually want to learn. 

After a lunchbreak at one of the beachbars, we will have another extensive Kite session on the water. 

During sunset we will end the day with a sundowner combined with a lovely BBQ at the beach.