Watersports Training, Maui, Kite, Wave, Camp, Kitesurfen, Wellen, Event, Hawaii, discovery,
Watersports Training, Maui, Kite, Wave, Camp, Kitesurfen, Wellen, Event, Hawaii, discovery,
Watersports Training, Maui, Kite, Wave, Camp, Kitesurfen, Wellen, Event, Hawaii, discovery,

Maui Kite Discovery

16.11. until 01.12.2018

A trip to Maui is more than just another Kiteboarding holiday, it is more than a simple camp to improve your riding skills, it is more than just a chance to spend time on the water. Maui is a journey, an adventure, it is the ultimate... to see, touch and experience a real part of Surfing history.

Therefore our Team will not only spend time on the water with you, ensuring you are safe and giving you tips and guidance whatever move or skill you´re working on. We want to show you as much of what Maui has to offer as we possibly can in those two weeks.


What to expect

Describing our event on Maui for people who haven´t been there, is as hard as describing colours to a blind person. Two weeks on Maui, are kind of two weeks in paradise for every surfer, kiter, windsurfer, stand up paddler, or simply any outdoor enthusiast. 

Maui is something you have to experience, see, smell, breath, live. Maui is something everybody has to see at least once.

Trip overview

Date: 16.11. until 01.12.2018
Program: Radio and video supported kiteboarding tuition. excursions, traditional outrigger canoe experience, beach work outs and plenty more...
For whom: For all kiters that are looking for the trip of their lifetime. The required level is safely riding up-wind.
Price: Coming soon...
Including: 14 days of accommodation in a double room, rental car, 14 days of event and tuition, side activities, morning yoga/beach work out sessions, event video, personal action pictures and plenty more
Equipment rental: 590 Euro / 2 Weeks
Participants: minimum .4 max .12
Specials: R&D Seminar with Quattro and Keith Teiboul, Sunrise on top of the Haleakala, Hiking through Iao Valley, Jaws, meeting and interviewing legends of our beloved sports
Team: Chris Ziaja, Giel Vlugt and Jana Stienen

Contact us


Watersports Training


Phone:   +34 663644078

email:     info@--no-spam--watersports-training.com


On the water

The first time you sail Hookipa, launch your kite at kitebeach or feel the ground shaking underneath your feet while gazing upon jaws will be an absolutely exceptional moment. On Maui, there are no big, well organised Watersport Centers on the beach, looking out for their customers on the water.

Our team of experienced Kiteboarding Instructors, will join you on each of your sessions on the water to not only provide training and guidance, but also ensure you are safe at all times while discovering those breathtaking moments.

You don´t need to be a professional Kiteboarder to enjoy some of the great spots Maui has to offer, but we recommend that basic skills such as going upwind shouldn't´t be difficult for you anymore. If you´re in doubt if your Kiteboarding skills are good enough - stop thinking and pick up the phone or send us an email!

We´ll be happy to give you some advise on which camp to book.

Starting from Europe, Hawaii is located more or less on the other side of the planet. There are not many possibilities to travel further in order to go on a watersports holiday than travelling to Maui. The usual route will take you in approximately 11 hours from Europe to San Francisco or LA. There you´ll change plane and travel another 5 hours into the the pacific before finally landing on Maui. Usual tavel time: 24 hours. 

In order to ease off the stress of travelling a little, we recommend to plan in a little stop over on the Westcoast of the United states. Discover San Francisco for 1-2 days before heading out to Hawaii. 

However, despite the long and for sure exhausting long distance flight, the moment you step out of the airport on Maui, all the stiffness and tiredness will be forgotten...


Mauis North Shore ist touristisich sehr viel weniger erschlossen, als der Südosten der Insel. Große Hotelburgen sucht man vergeblich. Diese Ursprünglichkeit macht hat zum einen großen Anteil an der Schönheit Mauis, zum anderen sind gute Unterkünfte zu finden somit nicht immer einfach. Wir haben uns für eine Homebase in Kahului entschieden. Das Maui Seasiside Hotel. Der Standard ist für einen Wassersport Erlebnsi Urlaub, in dem man lediglich zum Schlafen ins Hotelzimmer geht völlig ausreichend. Wer jedoch eine 5 Sterne Wohlfühl Oase erwartet wird vom Maui Seaside Hotel enttäuscht sein.

Für unsere Zwecke ist es dennoch ideal. Es liegt nur 5 Fahrminuten vom Kitebeach entfernt, direkt am Strand und ist umgeben von diversen Restaurants und Einkaufsmöglichkeiten.

Ein typischer Tag auf Maui beginnt kurz nach Sonnenaufgang mit einer frühmorgendlichen Yoga Session am Strand, bevor es zum gemeinsamen Frühstück geht. Da vor 11.00 Uhr nirgends auf Hawaii Kitesurfen oder andere Windsportarten erlaubt sind, machen wir einen Ausflug ins Iao Valley. Geschichtlich einer der bedeutenstend Plätze Mauis und landschaftlich einer der paradisischsten Orte die man sich vorstellen kann. 

Im Anschluss daran geht es zum Kitebeach und aufs Wasser zur ersten Kite Session des Tages. Zu Mittag besorgt einer unserer Trainer Sandwiches und Suhsi und wir machen am Strand eine kleine Mittagspause, bevor es Nachmittags nochmal aufs Wasser geht.

Ausklingen lassen wir den Tag bei einem Sundowner an unserem Hotel Strand, bevor wir in die Stadt laufen um irgendwo zum Abendessen zu gehen.

Um 22.00 ist der Tag auf Maui in der Regel vorbei  - morgens geht es ja schliesslich wieder früh los...

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Maui / Hawaii Kite Discovery

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