Kitesurfer, Kitesurfen, Sri Lanka, Watersports Training, Kalpitiya, Discovery, Kite Discovery, Event, Abenteuer, Reise
Kitesurfer, Kitesurfen, Sri Lanka, Watersports Training, Kalpitiya, Discovery, Kite Discovery, Event, Abenteuer, Reise
Kitesurfer, Kitesurfen, Sri Lanka, Watersports Training, Kalpitiya, Discovery, Kite Discovery, Event, Abenteuer, Reise

Sri Lanka Kite Freeride Camp

04.01. - 14.01.2020

All of you who were lucky enough to visit Sri Lanka before know, that Sri Lanka is different. Wilder, more unspoiled, and more challenging. A trip to Sri Lanka is more like a little adventure than a classical chill out holiday.

The Kiteboarding conditions however in the lagoon of Kalpitiya are out of this world and just perfect to either learn Kiting or improve whatever Move you´re practising on!

The DE SILVA WINDRESORT is based right on the best spot over there, offering everything, from stylish accommodation, great food, equipment storage, etc. and is therefore the perfect partner for our Watersports Training Event.

What to expect:

Think of a Lagoon, a big Lagoon, well, think of the biggest Lagoon you can imagine and you´ll get an idea of Kalpitiya. Our home base during the Event will be the De Silva Windresort right on the spot, right on the water.

The experienced riders amongst you will start right in front of the Center while the beginner lessons will take place a little further out on a Sandbank where we will get shuttled by boat and have all the space you could wish for to practise.
 Freeriders, as well as Freestylers or Strapless Riders will find insane conditions, flat, shallow 28°C to 30°C warm water and constant winds. Between December and February the wind is blowing averagely 80% a week with 15-20 knots from the north west. 

Besides the Lagoon in front of the Resort, there are of course other spots to discover as well. During our stay we will make sure you´re able the discover the whole beauty and all possibilities this place has to offer.

Event Overview

Date: January 2019
Program: 11 days of professionell radio and video supported Kiteboarding tuition. Downwinder and excursion on shore,
For who: all Kitesurfers looking for an exciting and adventurous Kiteboarding holiday amongst likeminded people
Included: 11 days of professionell Kite Tuition, Organisation of side activity program and excursions, Yoga and Mobility Sessions, Event Video, and much more
Accommodation: coming soon
Participants: min. 4 max.12
Activities: Kitesurfing, Hiking, Wave Riding, Stand up Paddling, Yoga and Fitness
Team: Chris Ziaja, Giel Vlugt and Jana Stienen


Watersports Training


Phone:   +34 663644078



Our airport of interest is Colombo in Sri Lanka. There exist regular flightconnections from every bigger airport in Europe. Prices vary between 800 and 1200 Euro. Arriving in Colombo, one of our team member will welcome you and travel together with you to Kalipitya, which will take about 1,5 hours by Minibus. 

Privious there are no vaccination requests for european residents. Anyways, the department of state recommends to get vaccination for the following diseases: hepatitis A and B, rabies, japanese enzephalitis as well as the standart vaccinations for adults. 

soon you will find more information about the accomodation in Sri Lanka here...

On a typical day in Kalpitya you will wake up with the sounds of different animals out of the forrest arount. It is just a few meters from your apartment to the beach and we will start the day with a session of Yoga or stretching. During breakfast we will decide which adventure will wait for us that day and if conditions are good, we will start with a first kite session in the lagune. 

After Lunch in the Resort we will pack the boat with our kite gear and shuttle 30 min. over to a little Island near by - Paradise Island. . This name is given to the island for a reason, you will find out about that by yourself ;) After discovering the Paradise, we will start our downwinder back along the stunning, wild and beautiful coast.

For sunset we will have a cocktail at the hotelbar before leaving with a TucTuc, the local means of transportation, to have dinner together.


Denis, Feb.2017

"Incredible trip! Pure nature and great kite conditions! Still - don´t forget to bring your mosquito spray ;)"

Dani, Feb. 2017

"Originally i just wanted to go kitesurfing in Sri Lanka. Looking back kiteing was great, but what kept really special in my mind was the great group of people and this absoloutly beautiful country!"

Trixi, Feb 2017

"I would never have traveled to Sri Lanka on my own. Thanks to the whole Watersports Training Team! This trip was incredible!"

Sri Lanka Kite Discovery

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