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Caribbean Kite and Sail Martinique - Grenadines

22.02. - 07.03.2020

Without a doubt the Grenadines belong to the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean! The combination of beautiful white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and incredible good wind statistic make this trip an outstanding experience. Our trip will start on Martinique from where we set sail towards St. Lucia, St. Vincent and than futher south into the Grenadines.
Step aboard and into a great kitesurfing adventure amongst likeminded people! 

Trip overview

Date: 22.02. - 07.03.2020
Program: Sailing and kitesurfing trip through the Grenadines, professional Kitesurf tuition, Foilboarding tests, downwinders and land based excursions, getting introduced to sailing a yacht and morning yoga/work out sessions.
Yacht and Cruising: We live on a big sailing catamaran with 4 double cabins. At this time of the year the weather conditions are outstanding for sailing with very little swell. The amount of sailing hours a day rarely exceeds two hours.
For whom: For all kite surfers that are looking for a once in a lifetime trip with riding level 4 (riding and keeping hight).
Price: 2990 Euro
Included: cruising through the Grenadines, accommodation on a luxurious sailing catamaran, breakfast, snacks and Dinner on Bord, Softdrinks, experienced captain and guide, morning yoga and mobility session, beach work outs, event video and shirt, personal action pictures and plenty more.
Activities: Kitesurfing, Foilboarding, Sailing, Snorkeling, Hiking, Yoga, Fitness
Tuition (optional): Private lesson 6 hours / 350 Euro
Equipment rental (optional): 490 Euros
Friends and Partner (not Kiteing): check Explore and Discover Caribbean for 2550€
Participants: minimum. 4 maximum.8
Team: Chris Ziaja and Jana Stienen


Watersports Training


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What to expect

Exploring the Grenadines 
We´re not staying on one spot! Our goal is to show you as much of the Grenadines as possible. We´ll be sailing or sometimes even kiting from one spot to the next in order to show you as much of this beautiful Kiteboarding location as possible.

Together with our team of professional Kiteboarding coaches you will explore the best spots the Grenadines have to offer. We will assist you with everything you need to make your session on the water as perfect as possible. Picture perfect flatwater lagoons with crystal clear warm water and only a handfull of other Kitesurfers - that´s whats awaiting you!

Kiteboarding Lessons
Our Team of professional Instructors will help you to achieve your Kiteboarding goals fast and efficiently. Our 6 hour private lesson packages can be purchased up front or directly on site if needed. The 6 hours can be spread over the entire two weeks of the trip. 

Sailing the Yacht
If you´re interested, our team will give you an introduction into yacht sailing during the week. Steering the boat, setting sails as well as basic navigation and night sailing are topics which can be addressed. If you need a milage proof, our skipper will be able to sign it for you.

Fitness & Yoga
We like to add special designed fitness and yoga sessions to our program. Our coaches will design those sessions not to make you tired for the day, but to stretch and train muscle groups which you don´t use in Kiteboarding.

Fortunately there are no direct flights to the Grenadines. Otherwise this island paradise would have been overrun by tourists for many years already. Our hop off point therefore is the island of Martinique. Martinique has a big international airport with many flights from arriving and leaving for Europe every day. That is where we will go on board of the Catamaran and start the journey.

During our trip down south into the Grendadines you will have time to discover the kitespots on Martinique and St. Lucia, before we finally sail into the sunset and you´ll wake up in the Grenadines! 

On the way back, you have two options. You can sail back to Martinique with us, or you squeeze out an extra day kiting on Union Island, before you catch a little island hopper flight back to Martinique.

There is probably no better way to start your holidays then to climb aboard a yacht and set sail. Only a few minutes after the boat has left the harbour you immediately sense deep relaxation and calmness. The distance between our anchorages and kite spots aren't very far apart and rarely take more than two hours to sail towrads. In this case there will be plenty of time to kite and explore the beautiful islands.

Because the space and privacy on board is always relatively limited our crew is always making sure that you are able to leave the boat multiple hours every day. You can leave the ship either to go for an extensive kiteboarding session, to enjoy a bit of beach chill out or to discover the island.


A typical day in the Caribbean starts off with a bath in the 26 degree warm, cristal clear water of our anchorage. In addition to that you can join a morning yoga session on the bow of our catamaran while the crew is preparing your breakfast.

After breakfast we start our first kitesurf session of the day. Depending on which spot we choose, our coaches will help you start your kite from the boat or we bring you over to the beach by dinghy to set up your kite there. Every single one of your sessions on the water will be guided by one of our coaches for your safety and to keep it an unforgettable trip.

At noon we set sail while you are pecefully enjoying your prepared snack we set sail to the next anchorage and kitespot. Depending on your motivation you can decide wheter to start your well deserved kitesurf session or to explore and discover the island with or without one of our experienced guides.

When the sun sets we usually all meet bck on the boat again to enjoy a sundowner on deck to end the day and to make a fine start of the evening.

Then we either all go back to the mainland to find a nice restaurant or fish cottage for some dinner on the beach or we all cook together on the boat and organise our own private rum tasting before we hit the hay.



Claas Behrens, Feb.2018

Pure adventure! Proffesional staff and a truly thrilling experience! A step out of the comfort zone! Loved it! Keep it up guys!


Stephan Lutzke, Feb. 2018

"Pirates of the Caribbean ;-)
Breathtaking beaches, exotic places, water and sport without breaks... and always an exceptional adventure. Perfect organisation,proffesional and magnificent management in every situation. Relaxation, action, fun and a great atmosphere are garanteed. You make an amazing team,
Thank you
To go on the water with you is a fantastic experience every single time again. My next kite trip? ... With you, every single time again!''



Flo Kirstein, Feb 2018

"Perfectly organised trips on the most beuatiful places in the world."