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VDWS Instructor Courses Tarifa

4x a year in Tarifa

These days, watersport instructors are much more challenged than a few years ago. Many of the tiny schools, with only on discipline, have developed into huge watersport centers, offering windsurfing, kiteboarding, catamaran and dinghy sailing. Thanks to its modularity, the VDWS qualification system allows for an individual job profile that can be expanded step by step. Further education workshops for school management and the supervision of internships complete this qualification system. 

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Event Details:

Dates: on request
Price: 695 Euro
Accommodation: Laguna Beach Tarifa, from 15 Euro/night
Rental gearl: Duotone - 180 Euro / Week
Storage of own gear: 40 Euro / week


Watersports Training


Phone:   +34 663644078

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The Kiteboarding riding skills needed to pass the practical exam are described in detail on the VDWS Website. Nevertheless we would strongly recomend to arrive at least one day prior to the start of the VDWS Course in Tarifa to give yourselve a bit of extra time to get used to the conditions. Tarifa often is very windy and occasionally you will have to deal with a bit of shorebreak.  

You will need to bring a twin tip board and Kites to cover a windrange from 12 to 30knots. Make sure that you bars are equipped with a modern and perfectly functining 3-step safetysystem. IIf you prefer to not bring your own gear but instead rent it from the ION CLUB in Tarifa, the center will offer you a special discount of 180 euro for 8 days rental of the latest Duotone Gear. 

The theoretical preparation of the course is very important and will not only reduce your stress level during the course, but also will increase your chances of succes. Therefore we strongly recomend to first watch the VDWS tutorials for Kiteboarding Instructors. Here are the links:

3-step safety system  


Organisation of Kiesurfing lessons

Teaching methods for Kitesurf Instructors

Kitesurfing lesson planning

Rescue of Kitesurfers

Safety in Kitesurfing - VDWS Safetycard

Service and Complaints

Right of way rules

VDWS Basic Licences and Exams

Launching and Landing your Kite safely

A great preparation for your instructor course is to watch those videos. And after,  spending some time reading the important chapters of the Instructor Folder and answering the check up questions.

Probably the cheapest way to get to Tarifa is to fly towards Malaga (AGP). There are more airports in Jerez, Sevilla and Gibraltar but they aren't used to fly to as frequently as Malaga which explains why prices to those aiports are clearly more expensive.

The distance from the airport of Malaga to Tarifa is around 180 kilometres.There are official offers of shuttle services but they are so expensive that they are not interesting at all. The two realistic ways to get to Tarifa is either by public transport like a bus or by renting a car.

The bus connection from Malaga to Tarifa will go to Marbella first, has the second stop in Algeciras before heading to the direction of Tarifa. This particular trip will take about 3 to 4 hours when you include changing busses and easily costs around 20 euros. 

More information about the bus connections you can find on:  Avanza Bus

Our reccommendation however is to rent a car. The prices to rent a car in Malaga for the entire period are very cheap and in the off-season totally unbeatable.

To compare rental car prices click here


Welcome home!

The homebase of Watersports Training for us is a place where we return to after our events and a place where our surf hostel is located, Tarifa / Spain.

The hostel is situated right in the middle of the Nature Park, 100m distance to the shore and right in front of the Kiteboarding Lagoon in Tarifa. A perfect place to call home and a great possibility for all our guest to come and visit and share some quality time on the water with us.

At the moment we do have 7 rooms available. 5 double rooms and 2 family rooms. Each room has an ensuite bathroom, shower and toilet as well as a little fridge, a safe and has direct access to the the terrasse and gardens. 

In addition theres a community room with a fully equipped kitchen, open fireplace and a big table inside and outside. The Laguna Beach is made by Surfers and for Surfers, so the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. Theres plenty of space in the gardens to wash and store your equipment, free wifi and two BBQs. Free Internet is available on the entire property as well as plenty of space to park your car.

The two bigger rooms we have are ideal for groups or families. Each family room is divided into two separate rooms and one bathroom. Most of our guests are water sport or outdoor fanatics so the atmosphere is usually quite relax

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