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Kite and Wingfoil Cruise Baltic Sea

23.09. - 30.09.2023

"For all kitesurfers and wingfoilers who want to end the local summer with a special event. The Danish South Sea is a fantastic kite and wingfoil spot right on our doorstep. The best part is that the top spots can only be reached by boat, ensuring they are far from crowded.

On board a modern sailing catamaran, we embark on a discovery tour together with you and the Charter & Sail team. Let yourself be amazed by what awaits out there - right on your doorstep :)

We look forward to having you aboard!"

Event Overview

Date: 23.09. - 30.09.2023
for whom: All Kitesurfers and Wingfoilers looking for an adventure
Program: Yacht sailing, kitesurfing, and wingfoiling, together with a small group of like-minded individuals.
Experience: Kitesurfers and wingfoilers should be able to ride upwind. Sailing experience is not necessary.
Price for one week: 1390 Euro for a shared double cabin incl. private bathroom.
Price for rental gear: 350 Euro
Food and Beverage: 150 - 200 Euro per person


Watersports Training

Phone:   +34 663644078


What to expect

Day 1: Orth (Fehmarn)

On the starting day at 6:00 PM, we meet at the idyllic harbor of Orth in Fehmarn. After everyone has settled into their cabins, we enjoy a delicious dinner prepared together and gather for our first briefing. Together, we analyze the weather forecast for the upcoming days and plan the exact itinerary for the coming days based on wind strength, wind direction, and your preferences for the spots.

Day 2: Orth (Fehmarn) - Bagenkop (25nm)

After an early shared breakfast, we set sail and head towards the harbor of Bagenkop, approximately 5 hours away. It's our first kite and wingfoil spot of the trip, located just a 5-minute walk from the catamaran on a large beach where we can comfortably set up and launch. In the evening, we explore the small town together and have dinner at one of the restaurants.

Day 3: Bagenkop - Skaro By (20 nm)

Today, we continue our journey into the heart of the Danish South Sea. After about 4 hours of sailing, we reach an area surrounded almost entirely by the mainland, offering flat water and numerous small islands. The catamaran anchors peacefully, protected by a long sandbank. We shuttle to land with the dinghy and have a relaxed setup there. After everyone has enjoyed their time on the water, we cook a meal together on board.

Day 4: Skaro By - Lyo By (15 nm)

After a morning kite and wingfoil session, we continue to the next spot around midday (15 nm, approximately 3 hours). Depending on the weather conditions, we can either launch the kites directly from the boat or shuttle back to the beach and set up there. We end the day with a cozy dinner on board.

Day 5: Lyo By - Avernako (5 nm) - Marstal (15 nm)

We start the day with a short sailing trip of about an hour until we reach Avernako. There, we spend several hours kitesurfing and wingfoiling before setting sail again in the afternoon to Marstal. In the Danish village, we have dinner at a restaurant on land.

Day 6: Marstal - Orth (Fehmarn) (30 nm)

The last day of the trip is all about sailing. After breakfast, we set course for Fehmarn, where we will arrive in the early afternoon, depending on the weather conditions. There is still plenty of time for a final session on the water. We spend the last evening together in a cozy restaurant in Orth.

Day 7: Orth (Fehmarn)

Around 9:00 AM in the morning, after a final shared breakfast, our trip comes to an end, and we disembark from the ship.

Kite and Wingfoil Cruise Baltic Sea