Tarifa Kite and Yoga Camp

June / October

Famous among kitesurfers for its great wind consistency, amazing spots and chilled lifestyle, Tarifa indeed has much more to offer than just being a watersports mecca. This magical place offers a unique landscape with mountains in the background, endless beaches, the Moroccan coast on the horizon and the possibility to watch the sunrise over the Mediterranean Sea and the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean while sitting on the same roof.

With our Kite & Yoga Camps we want you to experience as much "Tarifa Magic" as possible. Start your day with a relaxing yoga session, let our experienced coaches help you improve your kite level and enjoy the Andalusian way of life in one of the countless restaurants and bars in the evening.

What to expect:

What awaits you are 5 days full of activities, kitesurfing, yoga and excursions - in a small group of like-minded people and supervised by professional trainers. During these 5 days, fun and adventure are first priority.

Trip overview

Duration: 5 days Kite & Yoga Camp
June: 23.06. - 27.06.2021
October: On request
for whom: For all yoga enthusiasts who want to learn kiting or already know how to kite, looking for a relaxed and fun adventure in the south of Spain.
Program: 6 hours kiteboarding beginner course or 6 hours of advanced lessons, event program, yoga & fitness sessions, excursions and more.
Event Price including gear: 590 Euro
Event accommodation: From 125 Euro p.p. in double room
Accommodation: Ocean View Villa
Participants: Min. 4, max.10


Watersports Training


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Properly insured?


Each of our activities takes place outside, in the fresh Andalusian air. You will already get an energyboost by just seeing the mountains or the beach and the ocean. Combined with the activities we offer, you will be energized like never before.


Tarifa is one of the windiest places in Europe. Whenever the conditions are good, we will hit the water with you. To join our camp you don't need to have any previous experience in kiting. If you are new to kitesurfing, you can join our 6 hour beginner course. If you already have some experience, our professional instructors will take you to the next level in our 6 hour advanced course. We will help you to have a fun and safe time on the water :)


Yoga brings your body and mind in line. Through the combination of movement and conscious breathing you will experience deep relaxation. Start your day with an energizing vinyasa flow on the beach while enjoying a breathtaking sunrise over the sea. Alternatively, join a restorative yoga session in the evening and release all remnants of tension. Whether you have previous yoga experience or are a complete novice, you will experience great benefits either way.


"A rolling stone gathers no moss". Together we want to train our mobility and pay special attention to each joint. Some joints in our body need a lot of movement, others need stability. Our goal is to improve your flexibility and posture, both standing and sitting. You're sure to come home with a lot of inspiration.

Fitness Training

To increase fat burning, we will train at high intensity levels. You will learn to use your flexibility while performing functional exercises with your own body weight. While we have fun making our bodies sweat, you'll get lots of tips for your everyday life when you get back home.

Side activities

Our destinations are too beautiful to just work out all day. Our trainers will show you some of the most beautiful places and offer you a diverse program in Tarifa.

The best and cheapest connection to Tarifa is via Malaga Airport (AGP). There are also airports in the cities of Jerez, Seville and Gibraltar, some of which are closer to Tarifa. However, these are less frequently served and airfares are often significantly higher.

The distance from Malaga airport to Tarifa is about 180km. Since the official shuttle services are relatively expensive, we recommend to travel either by public bus or in your own rental car to Tarifa.

The bus connection from Malaga to Tarifa first leads from Malaga airport to Marbella, from Marbella to Algeciras and then from Algeciras to Tarifa. The connection takes about 3-4 hours including in total and costs about 20 euros for a one-way trip.

More information about the bus connection can be found at:  Avanza Bus

The most comfortable way however is to rent a car. The rates for a rental car throughout the duration of the event are especially cheap, most notably in the low season.

To compare car rental prices  click here.



Welcome home!

The homebase of Watersports Training is where we return after our events and where our surf hostel is located.

The Ocean View Villa is located on the outskirts of Tarifa on a hill and offers stunning views of the old town of Tarifa, the harbor, the Strait of Gibraltar and the Moroccan coast. The kite spot Valdevaqueros is just an 8-minute drive away, and the restaurants and bars of the old town are just a 5-minute walk away.

At the accommodation, you can choose between double rooms with shared bathrooms and some super stylish Garden Studios with fully equipped kitchens. All rooms have a private bathroom. A large garden with chill-out facilities is available for all guests. There is plenty of parking right outside the villa and WiFi is available in every unit.

Ocean View Villa is ideal for both groups and individual travelers. Our guests are usually sporty, casual travelers who appreciate the relaxed and very welcoming atmosphere.

A typical day during our event in Tarifa might look like this:

8:00 Yoga 

9:30 Breakfast

11:00 Sightseeing

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Watersports

19:00 Sundowner drinks

20:30 Dinner

Our program starts before breakfast with a morning yoga or beach workout session for earlybirds. Afterwards, we will have breakfast together and set the plan for the day ahead. We can then go for a nice hike, visit one of the spectacular sand dunes in the area or explore the coastal landscape.

After lunch and refreshments at one of the many great beach restaurants, we continue with a session on the water. Depending on the conditions, we will go kiting or, if there is not enough wind, on a SUP discovery tour, will try SUP yoga or go surfing if the waves are good.

We'll end the day with a sundowner on the beach while watching a breathtaking sunset over the Atlantic Ocean before heading to the old town of Tarifa for dinner together.

Tarifa Kite and Yoga Camp

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