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Create your own dream trip...

Challenge us...

You have a dream, an idea, something you always wanted to do or see?

Are you looking for someone to help you put your dreams together into a concept and organize this journey for you? We will do it! And we promise: The crazier the idea, the more enthusiastic our team will be about it...

The more extraordinary, crazy and unusual your idea is, the more excited we are to hear about it. In a free consultation, our team will gladly give you some feedback on your event idea and an approximate sense of the costs you would be looking at.

Our goal is to make trips, ideas and experiences come true for you that may seem impossible. Whether you want to go kiteboarding with a water sports legend like Robby Naish or chat with Dave Kalama about stand up paddling in double overhead waves. Whether you dream of sailing from Europe to Africa in a tiny one-man sailboat, even if you have no sailing experience. Whether you want to run a marathon once in your life, but have never covered more than two kilometers. Whether you want to swim with dolphins, spend the night on an uninhabited island on the beach, or explore undiscovered spots by jeep or sailboat?

We'll help you achieve the goals on your bucket list!


Watersports Training

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