Naturally fit, fitness, functional training, funktionales training, yoga,
Naturally fit, fitness, functional training, funktionales training, yoga, Beweglichkeit, Fitness, Kraft, Ausdauer, Erlebnis
mobility, naturally fit, fitness, Reisen, Ausdauer, Kraft, Gesundheit, Glück, Fett, Abnehmen,

Naturally Fit

Use it or loose itToday a lot of people loose natural movements like jumping, running or throwing, just because they dont need it in the daily live anymore. Today it seems to become quite normal to have back pain because of sitting or standing a lot or getting knee pain because we had to run to catch a bus.

Our Naturally Fit Workshops are designed to find out where your body needs some more attention. We want to resolve modern lifestyle problems. The workshops work on better quality of mobility to become more fit and teach you to listen to your body more carefully and bring sustainable tips back into your daily life.

Body in Balance Tarifa


For everybody who is interested in improving their body and mind performance, preventing injuries or who is just enjoying moving the body in a beautiful nature. Joining a group with likeminded people.

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Body in Balance Mallorca


Become part of the crew on board of our Catamaran. Lets discover the breathtaking coastline of the Balearen, start the day with a SUP Yoga session or fitness at the beach while the sun is rising. Enjoy the rhythm of live on board.

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Workshop Content

All our activities are outdoor activities with the fresh smell of andalusian air. You will already get an energyboost by just seeing the mountains or the beach and the ocean. In combination with our activities you will be full of energy after these days.


"A rolling stone gathers no moss". Together we will train our mobility and be attentive to the main joints. Some joints need a great range of motion, other joints need more stability. We will improve your range of motion and the stability to improve your posture and help you with all the standing and sitting during the daily life. You will come back home with a lot of inspiration for sure.

Fitness Training 

To increase fatburning, we will train in high intensity levels. This is your change to use your mobility while practising functional exercises mostlikely with your own bodyweight. While having a lot of fun getting our bodys to sweat you will get a lot of tips for your daily life when you come back home. 


Yoga will bring your body and mind in line. The connection of movement and breath will please you with deep relaxation. Start your day with an energized Vinyasa Flow at the beach and enjoy the sunrise above the ocean. Or after an active day you can join a regenerative yoga class to relax and let everything tension go. For our yoga classes it doesn´t matter if you bring any experience or not, everybody will experience great benefits.

Side activities

Our destinations are too pretty to just train all day long. Our coaches will show you special places around and provide an diversified program for you in Tarifa.

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Watersports Training

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