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Bachelorette Party - the ultimate Pirate Treasure Hunt

You are looking for a unique expereince for your bachelor before he will be married? Then out Treasure hunt is exactly what you are looking for. 

You will find yourself in the middel of an adventurous treasure hunt which will start in Germany. Your adventure will end with an enigmatic familiy heirloom at the beautiful coast of Andalusia. Your Bachelor will have to solve exciting mysteries and fun challenges to show his skills as the best husband and uncover a huge secret in the end. 

Your Adventure will be accompanied by our Game-App. By solving tasks through the App and finding the right solutions, you will figure out where to go next. 

The last big exam

The game is an entertaining story: The bachelor is challenged by a - fictitious! - family elder of the bride to master a difficult task - otherwise he will not give his blessing to the marriage. This would be a huge disappointment for the family in general and the bride in particular. This family elder shows clearly that he has very little respect for the bachelor and takes every opportunity to make a humorous and nasty comment.

The test he confronts the bachelor with is now to uncover the secret of an old family heirloom: an ancestor of the family has left behind a strange wooden cube that is supposed to contain the map to a family treasure. It is now up to the bachelor to follow this trail and ultimately recover the family treasure. In the process, various stations are visited at which the bachelor has to solve tasks - of course also on board the ship!

From Germany to Andalusia

The game starts on the arranged date at your bachelor's home. Via post you will receive the game package with the puzzle cube and a QR code for the app download. After the first stop in Germany, you will continue by air to Malága and from there to Tarifa - here you will find the Polaris, and your real sailing adventure will start. You will follow the trail of the treasure in several stages across the Strait of Gibraltar to Morocco and back to Spain.