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Kids Adventure Sail

Balearic Islands and Andalusia

Our daily obligations at home and at work seem to grow a little bit more every day and it becomes more and more difficult to really take time for ourselves or our children.  Time in which we are simply away and at the same time fully present. Quality time :)

Our Kids Adventure Trips aim to do just that. On board a sailing catamaran, you and your children become part of the crew for 3 days!

what to expect:

On board our modern 47-foot sailing yacht, accompanied by professional skippers, you will become part of the crew, learn how to set sails, steer and navigate. And most importantly, spend 3 intensive days with your kids. Without distractions and without stress. Our team has different tasks ready for you every day that you can solve together with your children. Take over the navigation of the yacht, set the sails, play SUP polo against each other or find a buried treasure.

in a nutshell

Dates & Prices: 02.04. - 04.04.2021 Malaga - Gibraltar - Cadiz / 4 days 950 Euro
Dates & Prices: 15.07. - 22.07.2021 Malaga - Nerja - Cabo de Gata - Tabarca - Ibiza / 7 days 1490,- Euro
Dates & Prices: 23.07. - 31.07.2021 Ibiza - Mallorca - Cabrera - Formentera - Ibiza / 7 days 1490,- Euro
Dates & Prices: 01.08. - 07.08.2021 Ibiza - Tabarca - Cabo de Gata - Nerja - Malaga / 7 days 1490,- Euro
Dates & Prices: 27.08. - 29.08.2021 Mallorca - Cabrera / 4 days 950 Euro
for whom: for all kids aged between 6 and 14 years, together with one parent.
Included in the price: Price per cabin (one parent one child) incl. breakfast and lunch snacks. Skipper and crew, event and excursion programme.
Yacht: 47 foot sailing yacht with 3 double cabins for guests
Special features: It's all about quality time with your children, so mobile phones and tablets are only allowed on board for taking pictures.


Watersports Training

Phone:   +34 663644078


Our yacht is a modern, fully equipped 47 foot Hanse sailing yacht. She sailed around the world for the last 3 years before now being based in Tarifa. The yacht features 3 double cabins for guests, two bathrooms, a large saloon and kitchen area. However, most of the life will happen outside, where you can sit in the shade for breakfast and lunch, or chill on cushions and hammocks on deck. As one of our guest you can choose if you simply want to chill-out and enjoy the freedom of being at sea, or if you would like to help sailing and navigating the yacht.

No matter if you have prior experience or not, our crew is happy to teach you how to sail and will issue you a millage certificate after the trip with ease.


Technical Details:

Length total 14.31 m | 47’7″
Lenght hull 14.19 m | 46’7″
Length waterline 12.60 m | 41’4″
Width 4.46 m | 14’8″
Draft 2.35 m | 7’7″ (Standard)
Weight 17,2 t | 37.478,58 lb
Ballast 3,550 kg | 7,837 lb (Standard)
Engine 39 kW / 55 PS
Freshwater 530 l
Diesel 430 l Diesel
CE Certificate A (Ozean)
Length of Mast (above water) 24.43 m | 80’2″
Total Sail area 124 m² | 1.334 sq ft
Mainsail 67.50 m² | 727 sq ft
Gib 48.30 m² | 520 sq ft
Genoa 105 % 56.50 m² | 608 sq ft (Option)
Spinaker light 180.00 m² | 1,830 sq ft (Option)
Spinaker Medium 166.00 m² | 1,688 sq ft (Sonderanfertigung)
Spinaker heavy 158.00 m² | 1,606 sq ft (Sonderanfertigung)

The best and cheapest connection to Tarifa is via Malaga Airport (AGP). There are also airports in the cities of Jerez, Seville and Gibraltar, some of which are closer to Tarifa. However, these are less frequently served and airfares are often significantly higher.

The distance from Malaga airport to Tarifa is about 180km. Since the official shuttle services are relatively expensive, we recommend to travel either by public bus or in your own rental car to Tarifa.

The bus connection from Malaga to Tarifa first leads from Malaga airport to Marbella, from Marbella to Algeciras and then from Algeciras to Tarifa. The connection takes about 3-4 hours including in total and costs about 20 euros for a one-way trip.

More information about the bus connection can be found at:  Avanza Bus

The most comfortable way however is to rent a car. The rates for a rental car throughout the duration of the event are especially cheap, most notably in the low season.

To compare car rental prices  click here.

Kids Adventure Sail

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