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That's us...

We are Kitesurfers, Windsurfers, Sailors and Waveriders, athletes, adventurers, dreamers and artists of life... We are as individual as we get and we are one team. Our connection is our passion for our job and the life we live. We all whish to be able to show you a bit of this passion and share it with you.

We are looking forward to see you!

Chris Ziaja

Chris founded Watersports Training in 2009. He´s involved in all areas of Watersports Trainings Activities and mainly responsible for the development of new ideas and events around the world. He´s working professionally in the Watersport Industry since more than 20 years and is therefore able to add a lot of experience and expertise to all the projects the company is involved in. 

  • VDWS Windsurf Instructor since 1995
  • VDWS Sailing Instructor since 1997
  • VDWS Kiteboarding Instructor since 2000
  • Personal Fitness & Health Trainer since 2002 
  • Certified Nutrition Expert specialised in holistic sports training since 2005
  • Member of the international VDWS Pro Team since 1999 and Examiner for Windsurf, Kiteboarding and Sailing Staff
  • Co Author of the "Powerlearning Windsurfing" DVD
  • Co Author of the "Powerlearing Kiteboarding" DVD
  • Co Author of the Delius Klasing / VDWS Kiteboarding Work and Style Book
  • RYA Yachtmaster Offshore since 2009
  • Certified Medical First Aid Trainer since 2011

Giel Vlugt

Giel is an important part of our team since 2014. Besides being an excellent Watersports Trainer, Giel is an absolute sports freak. So going on an early morning workout to "warm up" for the day, might ruin the day for some of us - so be warned:)

Other than that, Giel was lucky enough to spend a year living on a yacht crossing the Atlantic and cruising in the Caribbean. He´s a great skipper and will together with Chris be responsible for sailing our Yachts during our Kite Cruises.

  • VDWS Kiteboarding Instructor since 2012
  • VDWS Windsurf Instructor since 2013
  • Ski Instructor since 2012
  • ICC Licensed since 2016
  • Coordinator of sports since 2015

Jana Stienen

Jana is with Watersports Training since 2015 and responsible for new project and event development as well as training and organisation. Her methodical expertise together with her great and very contagious enthusiasm makes her absolutely priceless and we´re proud and happy to have her in the team.

  • Windsurf Instructor since 2010
  • Bachelor of Sport Science specialised in Leisure Sports and Health Coaching since 2010 
  • VDWS Kiteboarding Instructor since 2014 Personal 
  • Master of Science Sports Tourism and Leisure Management 
  • Original Bootcamp Athletic Trainer since 2016
  • VDWS Kiteboarding Examiner since 2018
  • Yoga Teacher since 2018

Pete Winkelhofer

Pete studied film and photography in Vienna and became an independent cameraman and producer. Pete has been all over the world since 2014 to produce various photos, videos and projects of all kinds. Since 2017 Pete has been responsible for creating various video tutorials and event photos for Watersports Training. Other than that he is also a Kiteboarding instructor and great fun to be around!


  • Engineer since 2012
  • VDWS Kitesurf Instructor since 2016
  • CEO of Pinefilms.net
  • Co-Producer of VDWS Academy Tutorials
  • Co-Producer of Fanatic SUP Academy Tutorials
  • Co-Producer of ION CLUB Goodies