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VDWS Kite Instructor Training Tarifa

For all those who want to turn their hobby into a profession. The VDWS Kite Instructor Training is one of the best training programs in watersports worldwide and is recognized internationally by almost all kite schools. The VDWS training system prepares you ideally for the job as a kite instructor and offers a professional network of over 500 watersports stations worldwide.


Kite and Rescue Instructor Courses Tarifa 2024

Level 1: 23.03. - 30.03.2024 booked out
Level 1: 13.04. - 20.04.2024
Rescue: 20.04. - 21.04.2024
Level 1: 01.06. - 08.06.2024
Level 1: 14.09. - 21.09.2024
Level 1: 20.10. - 27.10.2024
Price Level 1 Course: 775 Euro
Price Rescue Course: 185 Euro
Rental gear: Duotone - 200 Euro / Woche
Storage: 100 Euro / Woche

Ausbildungs- und Rescuelehrgänge in Tarifa 2024

Datum Level 1: 23.03. - 30.03.2024 Level 1 AUSGEBUCHT
Datum Level 1: 13.04. - 20.04.2024
Datum Rescue: 20.04. - 21.04.2024
Datum Level 1: 01.06. - 08.06.2024
Datum Level 1: 07.09. - 14.09.2024
Datum Level 1: 20.10. - 27.10.2024
Preis Level 1 Ausbildung: 775 Euro
Preis Rescue Ausbildung: 185 Euro
Unterkunft: auf Anfrage
Mietmaterial: Duotone - 200 Euro / Woche
Einlagerung eigenes Material: 100 Euro / Woche


Watersports Training

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Practical Exam for Kitesurfing Instructors

If you´re not sure if your level on the water is good enough to participate succesfully in a VDWS KItesurf Instructor Course. Have a look at the Video. There you will find a perfect example of the practical exam which you have to do in order pass the Course.

Praxis Prüfung für Kitesurflehrer

Solltest du dir nicht sicher sein, ob dein aktuelles Fahrkönnen zum Bestehen der Fahrpraktischen Prüfung ausreicht, kannst du dir hier das Video einer exemplarischen Kitesurf Instructor Prüfung anschauen. 


We strongly recommend that you additionally arrive a day prior to the VDWS Kite Instructor Training in Tarifa, to give yourself some extra time to get used to the conditions here. 

You will need to bring a twin tip board and Kites to cover a windrange from 12 to 30 knots. Make sure that your bars are equipped with a modern and perfectly functining 3-step safety system. If you don't have your own equipment, you can rent it from our partner ION CLUB TARIFA at a discounted price of 200 Euro for 8 days. The center is equipped with the latest DUOTONE KITEBOARDING gear.

The theoretical preparation for the course is important and as soon as you have signed up for it, you will get access to the VDWS E-Learning system. There you can study all the important contents and prepare yourselve for the course. If you like to get an idea on how the Theory will look like, have a look at the VDWS Acedemy Video Tutorials.


Tarifa is the wind capital of Europe and is well known amongst water sports enthusiasts. The Andalusian town is located in the heart of the Costa de la Luz, where the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean sea meet, and where Europe and Africa meet through the Strait of Gibraltar. Tarifa became known to european windsurfers in the early 90s. Thanks to its location, it offers wind and sun for almost 300 days a year, making it the best destination in the world for kitesurfing, wingfoil and windsurfing. It is a mecca for all water sports enthusiasts.

There are two prevailing winds in Tarifa, the Levante and the Poniente. The Levante is a warm, dry and strong wind from the east that can reach 30 to 40 knots. The Poniente, on the other hand, blows in the opposite direction, i.e. from the west and is a weaker, cooler, wetter wind that comes from the ocean, i.e. side-onshore wind. The combination of these two winds makes the city and its surroundings an ideal playground for those who want to enjoy wind and waves. As you can see, Tarifa is a paradise for kitesurfing, windsurfing and wingfoiling.

The ION CLUB is situated not like many other Centers in Town, but right on the beach where the action is. The Center provides us with a perfect infrastructor and professional services during our course. If you like to have more information please visit: https://www.ion-club.net/tarifa/


The best and cheapest connection to Tarifa is via Malaga Airport (AGP). There are also airports in the cities of Jerez, Seville and Gibraltar, some of which are closer to Tarifa. However, these are less frequently served and airfares are often significantly higher.

The distance from Malaga airport to Tarifa is about 180km. Since the official shuttle services are relatively expensive, we recommend to travel either by public bus or in your own rental car to Tarifa.

The bus connection from Malaga to Tarifa first leads from Malaga airport to Marbella, from Marbella to Algeciras and then from Algeciras to Tarifa. The connection takes about 3-4 hours including in total and costs about 20 euros for a one-way trip.

More information about the bus connection can be found at:  Avanza Bus

The most comfortable way however is to rent a car. The rates for a rental car throughout the duration of the event are especially cheap, most notably in the low season.

To compare car rental prices  click here.



International Schoolassociation

VDWS represents an aligned system of services around watersports –specially windsports.

Our focus is on

  • the education of watersport instructors
  • the ongoing servicing of watersport schools
  • the implementation of high training quality standards
  • the maintenance and development of the basic licence system
  • our range of services and products
  • the representations of our instructors’ and memberschools’ interests. 

Some facts

  • More than 540 watersportcenter in 30 countries
  • More than 3.600 members: instructors, owner of watersportcenters, centermanger
  • More than 3 mio beginners since 1974
  • 1974 Foundation: Verband Deutscher Windsurfing Schulen e.V. (VDWS) objective: training of windsurfing instructors support for schools, establishing standards for schools and training
  • 1985 Foundation VAW (Vereinigte Ausbildungsverbände Windsurfen) objective: standardized worldwide Basic Licence
  • 1988 Foundation of VDWS Service GmbH objective: improved cooperation with school members, concept, production and supply of instruction tools and products, training and further education of instructors product development and marketing, services for members
  • 1991 Startup Catamaransailing
  • 1993 Startup Jollyboatsailing
  • 1994 New name: Verband Deutscher Windsurfing und Wassersportschulen e.V.
  • 1999 VDWS Italy
  • 2000 VDWS Poland
  • 2001 Startup Kitesurfing
  • 2004 International Instructortrainings
  • 2004 VDWS Turkey
  • 2005 International Schoolmeetings
  • 2006 Startup Watersportassistant
  • 2007 New Name: Verband Deutscher Wassersport Schulen e.V.
  • 2007 New Qualitymangement: Center Manual
  • 2009 New Guidelines for Watersportcenter
  • 2012 More than 3000 member worldwide
  • 2013 Implementation of the Motor boat licence up to 15 PS
  • 2013 Foundation of the Business initiative "Quality Training in Water Sports"
  • 2014 Implementation of the revised Windsurfing sail range
  • 2014 New Basic licence
  • 2016 Start SUP instructor training
  • 2017 Decision to build a new office in Weilheim
  • 2017 Start of social projects
  • 2018 VDWS Academy learning videos
  • 2018 Purchase of property for new office building
  • 2019 Outdoor Professionals 365 - cooperation with German Ski Instructors Association, Mountain Bike Association and TU Munich
  • 2019 SafetyTool PLUS (comprehensive insurance for families and own equipment)
  • 2020 New licensing system - Level 3 trainings
  • 2020 Market launch of VDWS eLearning
  • 2020 Move to new office
  • 2021 New sailing basic licence system with Sailing Youngster basic licence
  • 2021 Wingboarding training and workbook in 3 languages
  • 2021 SUP basic licence system and new workbook in 3 languages
  • 2022 Wing basic license system and workbook in 3 languages
  • 2023 First time employee for communication  - Instructor Scouting 

VDWS Kite Instructor Training

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