Tarifa Wingsurfing and Foil Cruise

Beginning of May to the end of October

3 days aboard a luxury 47-foot sailing yacht, including accommodation in a double cabin, breakfast and snacks for lunch - with an experienced crew and professional Wingsurfing instructors as skipper. You will discover some of the best Wingsurfing spots in and around Tarifa together with a small group of a maximum of 5 other guests. 

Tarifa has alread earned it's reputation as one of the best Wingsurfing spots worldwide due to a combination of high wind consistency, a great variety of spots and conditions, breathtaking landscape and amazing infrastrure. There is hardly another spot in Europe which offers such great Wingsurfing conditions throughout the year, than Tarifa. As a guest on Board our Wingsurfing Cruises, you won't have to worry about  dealing with the often crowded beaches in Tarifa. Our Yacht will be anchored outside, leaving you with the best conditions possible and only a small group of likeminded people to share the spot with. 

Event Details:

Date: available from May to October
Duration: 3 days / 2 nights
Activities & Program: Kitesurfing Safari - discovering the best spots around Tarifa, Sailing, Whale & Dolphin watching, excursion to Morocco, Tarifa Nightlife and more
Kitesurfing: In order to join the cruise without an additional lesson package, you need to be an independent kitesurfer, being able to go upwind comfortably. If you are not experienced enough yet, you can join the cruise in combination with a lesson package.
Non-Kitesurfers : Non-Kitesurfers of course are more than welcome on board too! The additional activities make this trip a great experience for Non-Kitesurfers too.
Accommodation: Double cabin on board our 47 Foot Sailing Yacht
Food and Beverage: Breakfast and Snacks included in the package, dinner on shore in different restaurants (not included)
Price low season: 450 Euro per person for all cruises in May and October
Price mid season: 570 Euro per person for all cruises in June and September
Price high season: 690 Euro per person for all cruises in July and August
Participants: min. 4, max. 6


Watersports Training

Phone:   +34 663644078



gut versichert?


Most of you will know the feeling that despite the holiday having started already, it always takes a couple of days until we can really let go and start to chill out. On board a sailing yacht it's different. As soon as the sounds of the busy shores are beginning to fade and the first couple of pictures have been taken, a state of deep relaxation sets in.

Life kind of slows down on a sailing boat, and you will become more connected to nature and your surroundings again. Weather and wind forecasts will suddenly be of an entirely different importance - not only for our daily kite sessions, but also in regards to which spot we choose next, where we will anchor for the night and so on. That´s why we cannot promise a certain route for our Wing Cruises, but in fact choose the best spots possible for each and every trip.

Usually a day at sea begins rather early, often with a short wake-up swim in the ocean, followed by a healthy breakfast on board. After checking the weather forecast, we will plan our route and set sail for the next kite spot on our list. While you enjoy your fist Wing session of the day, our crew will prepare snacks for lunch aboard the yacht. The evenings usually start with a sundowner on deck, before we jump in the dinghy and go for a little tour through town and check out a a restaurant on shore.

Our yacht is a modern, fully equipped 47 foot Hanse sailing yacht. She sailed around the world for the last 3 years before now being based in Tarifa. The yacht features 3 double cabins for guests, two bathrooms, a large saloon and kitchen area. However, most of the life will happen outside, where you can sit in the shade for breakfast and lunch, or chill on cushions and hammocks on deck. As one of our guest you can choose if you simply want to chill-out and enjoy the freedom of being at sea, or if you would like to help sailing and navigating the yacht.

No matter if you have prior experience or not, our crew is happy to teach you how to sail and will issue you a millage certificate after the trip with ease.


Technical Details:

Length total 14.31 m | 47’7″
Lenght hull 14.19 m | 46’7″
Length waterline 12.60 m | 41’4″
Width 4.46 m | 14’8″
Draft 2.35 m | 7’7″ (Standard)
Weight 17,2 t | 37.478,58 lb
Ballast 3,550 kg | 7,837 lb (Standard)
Engine 39 kW / 55 PS
Freshwater 530 l
Diesel 430 l Diesel
CE Certificate A (Ozean)
Length of Mast (above water) 24.43 m | 80’2″
Total Sail area 124 m² | 1.334 sq ft
Mainsail 67.50 m² | 727 sq ft
Gib 48.30 m² | 520 sq ft
Genoa 105 % 56.50 m² | 608 sq ft (Option)
Spinaker light 180.00 m² | 1,830 sq ft (Option)
Spinaker Medium 166.00 m² | 1,688 sq ft (Sonderanfertigung)
Spinaker heavy 158.00 m² | 1,606 sq ft (Sonderanfertigung)

The best and cheapest connection to Tarifa is via Malaga Airport (AGP). There are also airports in the cities of Jerez, Seville and Gibraltar, some of which are closer to Tarifa. However, these are less frequently served and airfares are often significantly higher.

The distance from Malaga airport to Tarifa is about 180km. Since the official shuttle services are relatively expensive, we recommend to travel either by public bus or in your own rental car to Tarifa.

The bus connection from Malaga to Tarifa first leads from Malaga airport to Marbella, from Marbella to Algeciras and then from Algeciras to Tarifa. The connection takes about 3-4 hours including in total and costs about 20 euros for a one-way trip.

More information about the bus connection can be found at:  Avanza Bus

The most comfortable way however is to rent a car. The rates for a rental car throughout the duration of the event are especially cheap, most notably in the low season.

To compare car rental prices  click here.

Tarifa Wingsurf Cruise

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