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Watersports Training

To us, it's about more than just the sport. It is about passion, curiosity and small adventures. We would like to get to know the most beautiful places in the world together with you, share our passion for the ocean, sports, different countries and cultures with you. We want to surf and train on spots which take your breath away, swim with dolphins, sail into the sunset and then go to sleep under the stars. For the duration of our events we want to try to live life a little differently. Simpler, less complicated, more intense and maybe a little bit wilder :)

Our bestsellers

Caribbean Kitesurf Safari

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Join us for an unforgettable Caribbean Kitesurf Safari in the beautiful Grenadines and discover the most beautiful and lonesome Kite Spots in the Caribbean.

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Sunset Tapas Dinner at Sea

Watersports Training, Spanish Tapas Night at Sea, Straße von Gibraltar, Segeln, Abendessen auf dem Boot, Tapas, Besonderes Erlebnis

A magical dinner in the strait of Gibraltar on our Sailing Yacht. Enjoy the sunset between two continents while having Tapas and a glass of wine in your hand.

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Kids Adventure Sailing Adventure

Sailing, Kids adventure, Kids trip, father and son, sailing trip with kids, sail and kids, Kids Adventure Segel Urlaub, Kids, Adventure, Segeln, Abenteuer, Erlebnis, Piraten, Segelboot, Familie

Join the Crew as you come as one part of the parents on board of our sailing yacht with your Kids and be part of an adventurous sailing trip.

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Kitesurfing and much more...

Kitesurfing: Sailing and Kitesurfing in the Caribbean, Kitesurfing and Yoga or Kitesurf Safari in Tarifa, Kitesurfing in the waves in Mauritius or Hawaii
Sailing: Experience an unforgettable Sunset Tapas Dinner at Sea in the Strait of Gibraltar, be lucky and be accompanied by some dolphins
Yoga: All our journeys include morning Yoga sessions. If you are interested in doing even more Yoga, our Kite & Yoga Events might be for you.
Side-activities: Hiking, beach workouts, yoga and more. For all non-kiters we offer our trips along with several side-activities at a discounted price.
Kids: Together with a parent, the kids become part of the crew for 5 days during our children's adventure trip.
SUP: Stand Up Paddling from Europe to Africa or from Mallorca to Ibiza, SUP Yoga, or just simply chilling on the board enjoying the sunset


Watersports Training

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Outdoor and Lifestyle Events

Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Sailing, Stand up Paddling, Hiking, Beach Workouts, Yoga and loads of other things... Our Outdoor and Lifestyle Events are made for the ones who likes to do new things.

Kites sicher starten Tutorial

Kitesurfen hat sich in den letzten Jahren zu einer unglaublichen sicheren Sportart entwickelt. Wenn doch mal etwas schief geht so ist das in fast allen fällen beim Start des Schirms. In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Verband deutscher Wassersport Schulen haben wir ein Tutorial produziert welches die wichtigsten Tips und Tricks beim Starten für Euch nochmals zusammenfast.

Kitesurfen und was noch?...

Natürlich geht es bei einem Kitesurfing Abenteuer in der Karibik in erster Linie ums Kitesurfen. Dennoch passiert natürlich jede Menge mehr als nur Kiten. Hier ist ein kleiner Blick hinter die Kulissen und auf dass was vor und nach den Sessions auf dem Wasser so los ist. Viel Spaß:)

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