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Beach wave

Watersports Training

Travelling to the planets most beautiful  places, experience nature, the ocean and different cultures. Surf & Train on spots which will take your breath away. Swim with Dolphins, Sail into the sunset and sleep under stars.... For the duration of our trips, you will live life a little differently -  more simple, more intense and more adventourous...  

Tarifa Events

Kite Camps Tarifa
Freeride, High Jump and Spanish lifestyle

Body & Balance workshop Tarifa
Naturally Fit

Boot Show Düsseldorf

BOOT - water sports trade fair - Düsseldorf

THE meetingpoint in watersports during wintertime! Come and visit us in the Beachworld of BOOT Düsseldorf!

Caribbean Events

Kite Discovery Caribbean

A dreamtrip for the best kitespots in the Caribbean

Explore & Discover

Sailing- and Adventuretour in the Caribbean

Mauritius Events

Wave & Freeride Kite Camp of the worlds best Kiteboarding Destinations

Explore and Discover Mauritus

"the place after which heaven was copied... " 

Maui / Hawaii Event

Maui / Hawaii Kite Discovery

The ultimate surfttip... A journey back to the roots

Explore & Discover Hawaii

There is no comparable destination like Hawaii... You have to experience it!

Balearic Islands Events

Balearic Islands Yoga and Fitness Cruise 

Naturally Fit Yoga and Fitness at sea

50 Miles Challenge
Paddle from Mallorca to Ibiza


Let´s go...

Kitesurf Trip

Kitesurfing, Kite Safari, Kite Adventure, Kite Discovery, Karibik, Kite Reisen, Kitesurf Events, Kitesurfing Trips, Reisen, Maui, Hawaii, Mauritius, Watersports Training,

Our Kite Discovery will bring you to the most beautiful kitespots allover the world. Our well experienced team will guide you within these adventures and will be happy to show you tips and tricks.

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Kite Instruktoren Kurse

Kiteinstructor, VDWS, Kitesurf Lehrer, Kite Kurse, Lehrerausbildung, ITC, Tarifa, Lehrteam, Unterricht, Pro Team,

The well regarded international VDWS Kitesurf Instructor course will serve you the perfect start into a carrier at the beach. Your ticket to turn your hobby into a job.

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Explore & Discover

Reisen, Entdecken, Abenteuer, Sport, Natur, Kultur, Erleben, Komfort Zone, Event, Watersports Training,

Being on the road, meeting new people, places and foreign cultures... We will explore Nature and will step one more step out of our comfort zone. Out of your comfort zone. Every discovery journey is writing her own story. Your story. The adventurous story you gonna tell afterwards...

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Incentives, Team Building, Networking, Events, Challenge, B2B, Kooperationen, Fitness, Wassersport,

Our team is designing incentives, team buildings, networking events and much more. The more fancy and crazy your ideas are, the more will our team be inspired to find a perfect event for you. Challenge us!

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Antigua Panorama