One of our goals with Watersports Training is, to bring experts from different divisions together and create new ideas and new projects to work on. To become unique, experts in Teaching watersports, fitness, nutrition, professional skippers, yoga teacher, photographer and event manager leave their marks in any of our Events or Journeys.

Our engagement spreads much further then the advertised Journeys or watersports events. For our customers we create together with our partners incentives for companys, teacher trainings and school management seminars or we create customized Events and journeys for our clients.

Just give us any idea and we will create an individual concept for you. It doesn´t matter if you already got detailed plans and wishes or if you only have a thought which came to your mind. The bigger the challenge for planning and realizing will be for us, the more enthusiastic our team will work on that project :)

For every concept you will choose a name to guarantee customer loyality. Our team will work for your success, but the name "Watersports Training" will not appear in the outside representation.


VDWS INTERNATIONAL - Training and further education in watersports worldwide, creating teaching materials for Kitesurfing, Windsurfing and Stand up Paddling.

AMPLITUDE CAPITAL AG - Planning and realization of Incentives as well as individual designed journeys.

LUXFIT HEALTH AMBASSADORS - Planning and realization of Incentives as well as individual concept creation and realization for LUXFIT CUSTOMER EVENTS.

ION CLUB HOME OF SURFING ELEMENTS - Destinations Management, Planning and realization of ION CLUB EXPERIENCE EVENTS.

HAPIMAG INTERNATIONAL- Training and further education for staff in sailing, windsurfing, stand up paddling, fitness and saftey in and around the water. Teambuilding Events aswell as revise of teachingconcepts. 

DKV LUXEMBOURG - Planning and realization of sailing and outdoor adventure events for DKV Luxembourg customers.

JOCHEN SCHWEIZER - Partner for daytrip experiences like stand up paddling from Europe to Africa.

HIP TRIPS - Partner for special outdoor and adventure Events.

NORTH KITEBOARDING - Organisation from Kiteboarding Events with Prorider and non professionals. The professionals share their passion and experience with you throughout the Trip. 

Challenge us

Share your ideas with us and we will give our best to realize your wishes. We will create an unique adventure and experience for you to become true.


Watersports Training

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