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Sailing Adventures

Sailing in Andalusia and the Strait ob Gibraltar

There´s hardly a better possibiltiy to disconect from your daily routine than to step aboard of a boat and set sail. In order to join one of our sailing adventures you don´t need to be able to sail, in fact you don´t need any experience on the water at all. The only thing required is a little sense of adventure and the wish to leave the known shores behind for a little while. All the rest will be organised by our Team. 

For all those who want to learn how to sail, we offer practical and experience-oriented sailing courses under the sun of southern Spain. No matter if you want to become a better sailor or if you want to acquire a skipper license yourself - we have the right course for you! Just let us know what you are looking for.

Sunset Tapas Dinner at Sea

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Onboard our Sailing Yacht you will become part of the Crew for 4 hours. Enjoy a breathaking sunset sail with a unique dinner experience in the Strait of Gibraltar.

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Day Trip Ceuta

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Onboard our Sailing Yacht we will cross the Strait of Gibraltar from Europe to Africa. Our goal is Ceuta. A daytrip for everybody who is looking for something special.

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Private Yacht Charter with Skipper in Andalusia

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For everyone who dreams about sailing and your own skills are not, or not yet sufficient to sail on your own. Our 47 foot Sailing Yacht offers space for 8 people and will sail whereever you want to :)

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Learn to Sail and Milage trips

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For all of you who are on their way to become a skipper and the ones who are on the search for valuable tips and practical experience. This trip is the perfect combination of holiday and education.

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Kids Adventure Sail

Kids adventure sailing trips

Andalusia and Balearic Islands

1 week of pure adventure and quality time for fathers and there kids.

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