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Wing Foil Trips

Even though there is still a heated debate about whether the latest trend on our beaches should be called WINGSURFING or WINGFOILING, everyone agrees that the fun factor and the dynamics with which the sport is developing are terrific. In any case, we at Watersports Training are enthusiastic wingsurfers and foilers and want to share our passion for wingsurfing with you. 

It doesn't matter if you are just starting to wing and want the help of one of our coaches, or if you are an experienced wingfoiler looking for the perfect wing trip. We canĀ“t wait to set sail together and head for the best Wingspots the planet has to offer!

Grenadines Wing Foil Cruise

Wingsurfing Wingfoiling Grenadines

The Grenadines are an unspoiled paradise for Wingsurfers of all levels. Very high wind statistics and beautiful, empty spots are waiting for you!

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Exumas Wing Foil Cruise

Wingfoiling wingsurfing Exumas Cruise

Experience our new wing and sail adventure in the Caribbean. Discover the best wingspots in the Bahamas and get carried away by the secluded spots and white, sandy beaches.

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