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  1. Hapimag Staff Training Bodrum / Turkey

    31 Mar. 2016

    We just recently returned from Turkey after an amazing and very successful week together with the Hapimag Watersports Team. Hapimag is one of the major players in the tourism industry operating more than 60 Hotels worldwide.

  2. Swimming...

    16 Aug. 2015

    After 5 years of thinking about it and after two years of talking about it, last week we finally did it - we swam from Europe to Africa through the Strait of Gibraltar... We, that is Carlos, Maki and myself, could´t have been...

  3. Maui Event Activity update

    23 Jun. 2015

    We just got the confirmation that also this year we will be able to organise an afternoon in one of the most traditional Outrigger Canoe Clubs on Maui. We will get an introduction into the ancient art of canoeing and after a few...

  4. New accommodation on Maui

    10 Jun. 2015

    Everybody who´s been on Maui before knows how hard it is to find good while still affordable accommodation on the island. That´s why we´re really happy to inform you that we managed to find a really nice place... A private Villa,...

  5. VDWS Staff Training Event Turkey

    21 Apr. 2015

    We spent the last two weeks in the 5 Star Hapimag Sea Garden Resort in Bodrum / Turkey, training the local Watersport Staff to become Windsurf and Sailing Instructors for the VDWS, as well as looking a little into SUP and it´s...

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