Latest News

  1. Stand Up Paddling to Morocco

    06 Jul. 2014

    Try to picture a perfect day stand up paddling. How would it look like?  We believe the day we spend with 6 of our guest paddling from Spain crossing the Strait of Gibraltar over to Morocco came very close to...

  2. Sore Muscles :)

    21 Apr. 2014

    We bet you all know the feeling of sore muscles, right? Whereas some actually enjoy it, many rather suffer from it. But what exactly is it that makes you feel stiff and aching sometimes? Is muscle soreness dangerous? Is it a sign...

  3. Club Mistral SUP Event Mauritius

    20 Apr. 2014

    Together with Club Mistrals brand-new SUP Division we organise an absolute outstanding Event on Mauritius for all Stand Up Paddlers or everybody who wants to learn. 7 Days packed with all forms of Paddleboarding, SUP Fitness,...

  4. Mauritius Event 2014

    23 Mar. 2014

    A little earlier than last year, to get better winds but still late enough to miss the extremely crowded times the dates for our Mauritius Event are fixed now. From the 02.11. - 17.11.14 we will be back!

  5. New Image Video

    13 Mar. 2014

    For all of you interested to see what a Watersports Training Event looks like, here's your chance to get an idea who we are and what we do. We would like to thank all of you who travelled with us during our events to all those...