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Kitesurfing Freeride Camp Tarifa

02.09. - 09.09.2017

Mallorca Sail and SUP Event

02.09. - 05.09.2017

Functional Movement Workshop Mallorca

February 2018

Grenadines / Caribbean - Kiteboarding at it´s best

NEW+++ Functional Training Workshops+++ NEW

Latest News

  1. Move well - move often!

    01 Jul. 2017

    In order to move often, or in other words to enjoy physical activity in the long term, we need to be able to move well. Most likely everybody can agree to that. Now, what does “moving well” actually means? Does it mean we move...

  2. Kiteboarding Strapless Competition Tarifa

    30 Jun. 2017

    Action wrap up from day one at the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup at the Tarifa Strapless Kitesurf Pro with reaction from the trials, this year featuring girls taking on the guys, and an intriguing round one of the main event. more...

  3. upcoming Events

    16 Jun. 2017

    Here´s what we got for you during the summer months. Kiteboarding and Windsurfing Camps in Tarifa, Functional Movement Workshops and SUP / Sailing Trips on Mallorca...

  4. Functional Training - what does that actually mean?

    02 Jun. 2017

    We used to run in order to survive, we climbed to find food and walking was our natural way of covering a distance. And today? We sit in order work, sit to get from point A to point B and sit in the evening to relax from...

  5. New Cooperation with DKV for 2017

    07 Nov. 2016

    DKV Luxembourg will provide different Event Weeks for their members with us next year. With a group of DKV members we are going to sail and stand up paddle around Ibiza and Formentera and we will offer Outdoor Adventure Weeks in...

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