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Our Trips to the best Kitespots in the world...

Joining one of our Kitesurf Trips is way more than just an ordinary kite vacation. During your time on Board your passion for Kitesurfing will become a lifestyle. The spots we will kite together are far from being crowded or mainstream. Just you and a couple of likeminded people - just enough to share and celebrate those outstanding sessions with a group of friends. On Board our Yachts you will  experience nature and the ocean more intensively than ever before. Moments of adventure and discovery, combined with impressions of local culture and lifestyle. A Kite Trip you´ll never forget!

Grenadines Kite Cruise

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from mid December to mid of May

There is no better way to start a trip to the Caribbean than setting sail aboard a yacht. Join us and discover what kiteboarding in the Grenadines has to offer.

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Tarifa Kitesurf Safari

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from mid June to October

For all kitesurfers who want to spend their kite vacation in Tarifa in a more exclusive way. 3 days Kite Safari covering the top kitesurf spots.

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Exumas Kite Cruise

Kitesurfing, Kiting, Caribbean, best Kitespots, Sailing, Catamaran

28.02. - 09.03.2024 and 09.03. - 19.03.2024

Experience our new kite and sail adventure in the Caribbean. Discover the best kitespots in the Bahamas and get carried away by the secluded spots and white, sandy beaches.

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Kitesurf Cruise Antigua

Mauritius, Watersports Training, ION CLUB, Events, Kitesurfing, Wave, Clinic, Kiting Mauritius

from mid December to mid of May

White beaches, turquoise waters and great wind conditions are making Antigua to one of the top Spots for Kitesurfers in the Caribbean. Just when you think it can´t get much better, we´ll set sail for Barbuda...

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Private Charters

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If you like to organise your very personal Kiteboarding Cruise for your friends or family, a private Charter is what you need. On private Charters our team will customise the trip exactly to your needs. There is no better way to go Kitesurfing!

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