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Caribbean Kite and Sail Cruise

from mid December to mid of May ever year

Without a doubt the Grenadines belong to the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean! The combination of beautiful white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and an incredibly good wind statistic make this trip an outstanding experience. Our  Caribbean Kite Cruises start either from Martinique, Saint Lucia or Saint Vincent and lead us to the south to the Best spots of the Grenadines. Together with our experienced Crew you will visit up to seven different islands and Kitespots, swim with Turtles and experience a whole different kind of Kitesurf Vacation. Kitesurfing will become a lifestyle during your time on Board with us. 

Our Team knows the the area since more than 15 years and will not only make sure that your Kite session is safe at all times, but also ensure that you will be kiting on the best spot for each day and wind conditions. 

Trip Overview

Cabin Charter: 12.12. - 21.12.2023 Martinique - 2200 Euro
Cabin Charter: 13.01. - 23.01.2024 Martinique - 2700 Euro
Cabin Charter: 17.02. - 24.02.2024 Saint Lucia - 2400 Euro
Cabin Charter: 28.02. - 09.03.2024 Martinique - 2700 Euro
Cabin Charter: 28.04. - 05.05.2024 Saint Lucia - 2400 Euro
Private Charter : always bookable
Program: Sailing and Kite Cruise through the Grenadines. Accompanied by professional Skipper, Kite Guide and Chef
Yacht and Cruising: Our Yacht is a Lagoon 450F, a modern Sailing Catamaran with 4 spacious double Cabins and room for 8 guest. Sailing conditions in the Grenadines are easy and the daily sailing time in the Grenadines never exceeds two hours.
For who: For all independent Kitesurfers on the search of a truly outstanding kiteboarding experience. Minimum riding level: going upwind in all conditions.
Included: Accommodation in a double Cabin, Skipper and Kite Guide, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Board.
Rental (optional): 7 days 450 Euro // 10 days 600 Euro
Lesson (optional): On request
Friends and Partner (None Kiter): Not Kiting? No Problem. The trip is also for all none Kitesurfers a true Highlight and not boring at all.


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Fortunately, there are no direct flights to the Grenadines. As a result, the island paradise is still mostly spared by Mass Tourism. Nevertheless, there are several comparatively easy ways to get there. We offer 4 different arrival options on our charters.

Martinique as the start and end point of the trip:  Martinique is the easiest and often the cheapest to reach from Europe. However, it is also the furthest away from the kitespots of the Grenadines. Sailing time from Martinique to the first kitespot: 24 hours. 

Saint Lucia as the start and end point of the trip:  Saint Lucia is a popular destination, especially for those arriving from North America, and is easy to get to and there are also good flight connections from Europe. Sailing time from Saint Lucia to the first kite spot in the Grenadines: 14 hours.

Saint Vincent as the start and end point of the trip: Saint Vincent is the largest island in the Grenadines and currently not quite as easy to reach as Martinique and Saint Lucia. Flights to Saint Vincent are usually a good deal more expensive and can almost always only be reached with at least one change of plane. Sailing time from Saint Vincent to the first kite spot: 6 hours.

Union Island as the start and end point of the trip: Union Island can only be reached by small propeller planes. Acceptable flight connections are via Barbados, for example, from where you then change to a small plane. Large board bags with equipment cannot be taken on board. Sailing time from Union Island to the first kitespot: none! 2 minutes' walk from the airport. 

There is no better way to start your holidays than setting sail aboard a yacht. Just a few minutes after the vessel leaves the harbor, a feeling of deep relaxation and tranquility kicks in. The distances between our berths and spots are rather short in the Grenadines and we will rarely spend more than 2 hours traveling from one spot to another. Which gives you plenty of time to kite and to explore the beautiful landscape. 

Since the privacy and space on board of a yacht is limited, our crew wants to make sure that you are able to leave the boat for a few hours every day. This could be for kitesurfing, to enjoy a bit of beach chill-out or to explore the island.


A typical day in the Caribbean starts off with a swim in 26 degree crystal clear, warm water at our berth. In addition to that you can partake in a morning yoga session on the bow of the Catamaran while the crew prepares breakfast.

After breakfast we start into our first kitesurf session of the day. Depending on which spot we choose, our instructors will help you launch the kites from the boat or you will be shuttled to the beach in our small dinghy for setting up your kites. Our experienced coaches will keep an eye on you throughout each of your sessions to keep you safe and ensure that it's a fun session.

At noon we set sail and while you peacefully enjoy a boosting snack on board, we are heading to our next anchorage point and kite spot. Depending on your motivation you can either have a second kite session or explore the island by yourself or with one of our guides.

At sunset we usually meet with everyone on board to end the day with a sundowner drink on deck and start our evening.

We then either go ashore to find a nice restaurant or a fisherman's hut for dinner, or alternatively we all cook together on board and organize a small, private 'rum tasting' before we hitting the hay.